Best/quickest way through PT2/DLC before farming craw?

I recently finished BL1 PT1 as Lilith, and I’m at level 38 or thereabouts. Basically, I want to get to farming craw at max efficiency ASAP, any way to go about it? Do I need to play any of the DLC besides Knoxx? Should I play Knoxx on PT1 first, so it scales properly?

If memory serves, you can just go straight through PT2 into Knoxx and it will be fine. Knoxx has its own scaling trigger, defeating Gen. Knoxx himself.

Oh, I see. So the only prereq to getting MAD SWAG is to max out your level and do dlc 2 on pt2.5?

DLC3, but for the most part, yeah.

I’d just go through all 4 DLC’s. It’s the least boring way to get to max level. I had only about 4 levels to grind after completion and I didn’t even do all side missions.

And if you do all DLC’s you get more skill points. 1 for claptrap DLC and 1 for Moxxi’s Underdome. So 2 for PT1, 2 for PT2. If you want to farm at max efficiency playing those DLC’s at least once would be worth the effort I’d say.

I’m too bad to play Underdome, but I guess I can sit through Claptrap if I gotta.

So I should play at least some DLC on PT1, huh? And then again before beating PT2.

But if you play PT1 dlc’s you’ll suddenly be epicly overpowered and it’s no fun to continue with PT2 if you’re way to strong.

They should really sell this game with a 5 page manual on how to actually play it without messing up the game balance and what dlc’s scale to level. Not to forgot how basic gameplay rules change throughout the game xD I love BL1 but sometimes I’m thinking WTF were they smoking when making this game xD

Personally I would just finish PT2 if that’s where you are, then do the Claptrap DLC in PT2, then do the other DLC’s.

This might seem odd, but the last bossfight in the claptrap dlc is unreasonably hard if you ask me, and you need weapons that suit your level. In my experience it’s not very likely you’ll ever find a lvl 60+ weapon no matter what level you are (I guess you’ll get those when you fight craw or in the armory), so your chances of beating him decreases as you level up. You get stronger, your enemy gets stronger, your weapons stays the same. Thus your weapon get’s less and less useful.

If you’re having trouble with the Moxxi DLC i’d advise using this strategy as the last boss fight in claptrap dlc is a 100 times harder then the entire moxxi dlc if you ask me.

The moxxi DLC I could help you with if you like. I have the game on PC and PS3. In my experience it’s mainly luck if you get through it. Obviously skill helps a lot, but the next time you try it it might be 10 times easier.

For instance it could be that one round you can only do decent damage with rocket launchers but you hate them. If this happens during a Badass wave this might be a pain the rear. However if they only get a shield regen upgrade you will notice no difference at all.

(Tip: If you get one of those rounds where they advise you use a specific type of weapon just switch to a weapon with elemental damage. A hellfire SMG for instance will still do immense amounts of damage because bullet dmg goes down, but elemental damage stays the same)

Yeah, but I mean, I’m only really playing Lilith so I can solo craw at the end of it.

I’ve played all the DLC before - the MINAC isn’t THAT hard if you’re both max level and you’ve been farming the armory :stuck_out_tongue:
Honestly, Steele-trap was waaaay harder.

But yeah, all I gotta do to make Knoxx scale properly is keep beating him, I guess. Just gotta power through PT2, then grind at the Promontory.

Really? I killed Steele trap 1 in 1 minute and Steele trap 2 in 2-3 minutes. MINAC took me 3 hours.

Fire dmg helped a lot with Steele and the fact that the MINAC fight is ridden with bugs doesn’t help. D!ck rock isn’t solid and neither is the little shed-roof so there’s no good safe spot near the New-U pole (fresh game install didn’t fix this).
If everything would have worked properly I could have done it within a few minutes as well I guess… Forgot about that for a moment :stuck_out_tongue:

But still having a hard time to imagine Steele being harder then MINAC + 10 suicide claptraps that can instakill you xD
Ah well I guess we all got our strenghts and weaknesses and that probably explains it.

I just hid at the rocky back and took pot-shots, with smg or rifle for the kamikazi-traps. I found one rock i could hide behind to defend vs eye beams, so i just spammed guns at it.

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MINAC is easy if you use a corrosive gun, if not, it will take a long time. I’d recommend nabbing the skillpoints from Underdome and Clappy DLCs, you could hit PT1 DLC4 without becoming grossly overleveled since enemy level has an upper bound of like ~37 iirc. You can do PT1 DLC2 whenever since you will get almost nil XP from it (ditto for PT2 DLC2), PT2 DLC4 will scale with entering the Vault in PT2, so you can do that after beating Knoxx to avoid over leveling for PT2 Knoxx (starts at level 51 iirc).

Why should I care about overleveling? When I asked about scaling, I just meant that I didn’t want knoxx to somehow get stuck at lv50 or so.

The game becomes pretty trivial pretty fast once you get too many levels ahead of enemies, and that can lead to boredom pretty fast, part of the reason I prefer PT2.5, enemies can actually meaningfully fight back, even if they’re still bad at it.

Then I see no reason not to cruise through pt2 after powerleveling for a bit, so i can get to 2.5 faster.

One thing to bear in mind, if you want the extra SDUs that Jakob’s Cove and the Claptrap DLC give you in Pt 2, you MUST get them before you trigger 2.5 by entering the Vault. If you do them after you do the Vault, for some reason the chance to get them drops to pretty much zero. If you do it before, it’s 100%. No idea why, but if your goal is to farm Craw at the end than you might appreciate the extra backpack space.

They also give guaranteed SDUs in Pt 1, so I’d recommend breezing through them quickly to get them. The Claptrap one isn’t too far into the story, but the Zombie one is a bit of a pain as it’s right before the end. But if you just do the main missions you can run through it in an hour or so, especially if you are over-leveled. It’s worth doing for the extra 12 slots you’ll get for both playthroughs.

Yeah, I know about the backpack SDUs being impossible on PT2.5, but it’s a crapshoot even on PT2.

I was planning on just picking up whatever SDUs I can grab on my way then using willow-tree to hack myself to 72 slots as if I did it all.