Best Ravager for Wilhelm

Given a Wilhelm…

With Targeting Scope at 10/5 and Escalation at 5/5

What’s the bet Ravager???

Juicy with the critical hit bonus??.. or is it still the tried and true “Casual” ?

You generally don’t want casual with a ravager cuz your spread is so wide that u’ll hit more pellets without it, with 10/5 Scope however you might be able to swing it. Regardless I would still side with Juicy or Impetuous with a Torgue Grip and a glitch for the mag size, as more shots > more type A Crit bonus with this thing.

The exact prefix depends on how many shots you can pull off with WttGS.

I’d go with Sinewy. A general boosts to all things gun can do no harm.
Also, it straddles the middle of the road between the casual’s reload speed and fire rate, and the Juicy’s accuracy.

Win-win-win as they say.

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I’d deffently advise against casual, it isn’t going to give you as much damage as the alternitives. I’d probably go with Sinewy or Impetious. Torgue weapons are great and all but I don’t think they work that well with crit in general.

I always go Casual with Torgue shotguns due to the splash every pellet has. Im not going to sniper with it anyway so, when you are in the face of that Scav, the additional pellets are better imo.

Yeah but you miss most of those pellets because of the spread. you add 2 pellets and miss like 4-6, especially on smaller enemies

I’m thinking of using it this way…

Freeze target with a Absolute Zero or Frigidia

Run up and in the face blast with an explosive shotgun.

I’d only use the Ravager at Point Blank…and any other distance I would go with a Torguemada

I love the Torguemada…but have a hunch a Casual Ravager with Targeting Scope at 10/5 and Afterburner at 6/5 will out damage it when used as I described.

This of course assumes that almost all pellets will hit which is the problem with a casual version.

I could test that theory for you with a couple mobbing runs brb.

@Johnrr6 Just ran Pandora mixing between Sinewy and Casual, for both shotguns, both took out mobs with a laser and a shot and both took out badasses with a freeze laser and shot. It should be noted that Sinewy doesn’t allow for another shot with WttGS, as they both have 4.


Ideal (as you said) would be a glitch version with extended mag but the odds of getting one of those are tough…

As far as Purples go FOR SURE get Impetuous (the reload one), The most shots you can pull with a non-mag size prefix is 4, even with a glitch, and a non-boosted gun show doesn’t boost that to 5, but lemme see if it can boost a purple to 4.

Edit: No it cannot (I hate Gun Show Btw), so for Sure I would go with the Impetuous Ravager w/ Torgue Grip if you were stuck with a purple, because the extra damage and/or pellets have little to no discernible impact in mobbing.

John for some reason I save Ravagers… I have a collection for you. I may even have a glitched one on a mule. In line with our glitched point, I like a Ravager on Wilhelm with >8 shots better that one with 8 or less because that last shot can be important. Until i got the glitch it was a Juicy with 40% accuracy i think, it preferred it to the casual i ground.

Thanks Stryke!! I will take you up on that the next time I see you on…am itching to run the arena again.

Painting my house is killing me LOL

And thanks Hoyle4 for your research and expertise…always excellent!!

And everybody else who chimed in…thanks!!