Best Relic for Peak Opener?

Has anyone tested this?

I’m debating between:
Shock Bone of the Ancients
Explosive Damage Relic
Hard Carry
Straight AR Damage Relic

And I guess it would be semi situational.

At the Peak
Non Peak Play


BTW This gun seems just fun as heck! Takes a bit to get used to waiting for the secondary explosions but when they hit…oh my.

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I think the bone is still most beneficial(then again I haven’t gotten the Hard Carry) But personally I didn’t like that weapon at all for Zer0 on the peak but I’d say play around with it and see what you like.

Edit: Also, I did have the easy mode shield with it but I felt like more I got more dmg out the bee.

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Bone has the Multiplicative to shock…but the REAL killer may be Explosive Damage…

Then again…

That Hard Carry may buff the Damage Bonus a chunk even though it is additive.

Anybody know the REAL Damage bonus with the Hard Carry and Easy Mode Shield.

Toothpick seems to have a waaaay larger bonus than just what the Mouthwash says on the card.

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I really think you wanna buff the shock. Check the numbers out. The bonus grenade drops are cool, but I’m pretty sure the Shocket does the main damage

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Peak Opener drops 3 child grenades per shot but each of them does 1/3rd the main pellet.

Most of the time you are gonna be killing with the shock projectile so I’d still go with the Bone.

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Torgue allegiance relic: mag size and fire rate (and of course something that puts 11 points in Metal Storm). :metal:


I did a few rounds on 80 Pete with Axton using a Bee and Peak Opener. based on experience, Explosive relic deals more damage per shot. However the cooldown rate on the Bone makes it better in the long run.

I ran it with krieg, the grenades did WAY more damage than the shock.

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Erm. Stockpile relic :wink:


Not that one. Unless I’m mistaken, I believe all x weapon damage relics are additive, where as you know elemental relics are multiplicative.

I guess it really comes down to what character you’re using and what you really want. Krieg doesn’t care about cooldown and has a few explosive buffs, and loves an explosive relic. Axton may prefer an explosive relic over a BotA too. Other characters may favour a BotA for faster cooldown. I think the choice is character specific.

Interestingly, Krieg’s Bloody Revival increases the damage of the shock “projectile” and the child grenades. This gun was made for Krieg, Redeem the Soul + Bloody Revival and why not carry an Easy Mode on the Peak too? #FFYLmeta

Oh, and don’t forget Strip the Flesh. The Peak Opener also procs Blood Bath which increases its own damage. This gun is nuts. I’ll pick up a Hard Carry later (I’ve never bothered to grab one) and see if it’s anything special like the Mouthwash.

Also, those.


My choice

  1. Bone : with the Bee
  2. Mouth Wash : Without the Bee
  3. Easy mode + Hard Carry + Opener : Some occasion on the Peak.
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Testing this in the peak.

The Easy Mode shield appears to be a 2x damage multiplier for the Peak Opener in the peak. (I think I’m saying that right? It doubles the damage if you don’t have any skills or relics or class mods. Would I call that 100% multiplicative damage? This kind of stuff isn’t usually my forte). It also seems to double your health, not including extra health from skills

The Hard Carry relic is just additive gun damage. If you squint you may notice a family resemblance to the Heart of the Ancients relics, which give additive gun damage to a specific weapon type, along with fight for your life time and second wind health. It’s just the fight for your life time on this guy is ridiculous. Almost 2 minutes.

So a Shock Bone is definitely the winner in terms of damage but the relic has the FFYL time advantage in the Peak.

I should say I haven’t being keeping track of the child projectile damage. I know they are grenade type splash damage so Axton should be able to take them to the next level, and maybe make them outdamage the shock rocket with his grenade skills and an explosive relic. The other two relics are probably still better though because they buff aspects of your playstyle, not your damage

I’m also curious how skills that increase FFLY time interact with Hard Carry. Also interesting to think about skills like Last Ditch Effort, Bloody Revival, Immolate that give you more damage in FFLY.

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The classes most worth discussing are Axton and Krieg (maybe Gaige? I don’t play her much :laughing:). It doesn’t get Reaper, crits or B0re so that limits its usefulness on Maya and Zer0, and Sal can’t benefit from the zoom-in bonus, nor does it get Money Shot/work with 5SO6 (and critting is kind of a big deal for Sal also tbh).

The Peak Opener’s child grenades do 1/3rd the main projectile, so all 3 add up to as much…but they take time to spawn, depending on terrain/enemy mobility not all of them might hit your target (especially airborne or teleporting types), and the peak opener fires really fast, faster than the grenades spawn. Shock is also a marginally better element than explosive because of it’s efficacy on shields.

Krieg has a ridiculous amount of gun damage (+575% with a Reaper) so additive gun damage doesn’t do much for him. Krieg also has massive mag size (+350% with a reaper). Hence, its either elemental relics or ammo relic/Blood for him, and the shock is clearly more practical than than the explosive one.

Axton has less gun damage than Krieg but its still his main bonus (over 200% with a Rifleman, about 140% with a Soldier). He also has decent AR mag size bonuses but not enough to trivialize that issue so the Torgue Allegiance suggested by @Adabiviak is a great idea. Axton can make the child projectiles (when combined) stronger than the main one with his grenade buffs but I wouldn’t bank on those as the main source of damage. He also loves the cooldown from the Bone. But overall, I’d say he has more useful options than Krieg.

I’m not experienced with Gaige but while she does boost shock damage the gun damage from Anarchy seems way more significant. Seems either a Bone or Torgue Allegiance would be best on her.


I was sort of kidding - my Torgue allegiance Commando has never kept a shock Bone of the Ancients, so the thought never occurred to me (and I’m still in love with the novelty that is a Torgue Torpedo (regardless of how fancy) with this sort of fire rate).

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Shock Damage multiplies. So. Gaige’s Wires buffs it to up, and Anarchy buffs the number that multiplies.

Gaige with 10/5 in Wires, a butt ton of anarchy, and a shock Bone will burn this thing to oblivion. Add Easy Mode or a Bee in the peak and it’s probably gonna just get wild

Mind you, the choice between easy mode and bee comes down to a few things, most specifically : where does the Easy Mode Double the damage. And can that be buffed.

Great. Guess who’s gonna go do weird stuff later today.

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So for Axton…I think it will come down to just how much the grenade damage buffs with an Explosive damage relic actually help

and given that the secondary damage from the delayed child explosions may be less effective…

And given that you are giving up a large cooldown rate bonus by using Explosive Damage Relic.

But here is the thing…what I have found in this game…over time…is that Explosive “just works” on virtually everything. There are very few enemies that are resistant/immune to explosions.

I will try to tes this a bit.

Shields resist explosive. That’s about it.

Which is the beauty of the PO Shocket Launcher. It decimates shields before dropping explosives.

Maya has phaselock - holding the enemy in place for all the child grenades is invaluable. Not to mention converge bringing more friends to the party.

It doesn’t make for particularly interesting math, but in practice the usefulness is far from limited.


Especially since grenades are pretty big splash with no real downfall around many enemies

After 3 Hours of testing and studying a bezillion screenshots til I am blue in the face.

Conclusions for AXTON ONLY!

All places except Digistruct Peak, Peak Opener AR

Legendary Soldier with all the Grenade Damage Bonuses specced…NO BAR

The Explosive Damage Relic ever so slightly out damages a Shock Bone…but not by much. WITH BEE or WITHOUT BEE.

AND you need to take into consideration these factors:

  1. The secondary 3 explosions are slightly delayed making them VERY difficult to hit on a moving enemy

  2. You lose a pretty large cool down bonus on your turrets and turret down time means less Battlefront Bonuses…but more importantly…less distraction, blocking AND SLAGGING.

  3. Purple Rifleman Com DOES SLIGHTLY out perform Legendary Soldier with this gun. Especially when the Battlefront and Onslaught skills kick in at 10/5.
    But you are giving up 17 Skill Points and some other nice bonuses that Legendary Soldier gives. Still…for a “run and gun” mode with lighter enemies…A Rifleman com may be your cup of tea.

  4. At the Peak the results are similar buuuut:
    a. The combo of Peak Opener / Hard/ Carry / Easy Mode gives superb damage AND a HUGE FFYL time.
    b. Ammo is a HUGE concern

Conclusions from my Conclusions:

If I am running the Peak Opener with an “Explosive Axton” (DPUH, Sword or Unicornsplosion, Flakker, World Burn, Nukem Etc I will probably stick with Explosive Damage Relic…it just works on pretty much everything.

If I am running at the Peak…I am pretty much in love with the combo of Peak Opener, Hard Carry, Easy Mode…TILL I RUN OUT OF AMMO…lol.

A Shock Bone of the Ancient is entirely viable for this gun as well for reasons mentioned.

REMEMBER, these conclusions are for AXTON ONLY!

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