Best route for farming Leg. Loot Mig.?

is it worth the time to start halfway through the run at WEP by starting at the natural selection annex to get a guaranteed number of LLM’s with the doctors orders quest still open or should i just run through thousand cuts with that mission left open (cant remember the mission name) so i dont have to deal with mobs in thousand cuts

Being (almost) guaranteed four of them is the deciding factor here. Thousand Cuts is way easier and more relaxing to farm but very unreliable. Sometimes you may find one, another times five and sometimes none at all.
It’s really worth it if you seek many different Legendaries/Old Pearls. The drop rate isn’t the greatest so having a reliable source is the best way for them. If you are looking for specific Legendaries their intended loot source is probably better though.

This is worth noting…having the quest open does not 100% guarantee four LLM’s; I’ve had runs where only three were present, and twice I’ve had two LLM’s and Jimmy Jenkins pop out (I wanted a refund or something those times…JJ doesn’t drop anything as far as I can see).

I’ve found that as long as I have 0 of the echos picked up, I get the 4 Loot midgets (LLM’s included) 99% of the time, also on about 70% of all runs I get between 1 to 3 random LM’s, LLM’s from opening everything between the creature slaughter dome and the room with the 4 crates, so naturally I have saved this run at many different Levels of the game for farming.

I’m not knee-jerk disagreeing, but in the past two days I’ve done 4 WEP runs, from map entrance to box room, with DO active/nothing collected and still only saw three LLM’s in the box room and no random ones along the way.

I’ve wondered for awhile where the idea of a guaranteed four LLM’s came from; the wiki (which I fully realize isn’t always terribly correct) says that DO guarantees three LLM’s in the box room and may include Jimmy Jenkins. That description fits what I’ve seen overall, but I suppose that I should mention one run last weekend that produced a total of five LLM’s; one in the first section* and four out of the boxes.

  • that was a loader midget who got jumped by every stalker in the area…that was fun to watch for a bit.

I have two characters into OP levels who are at 0/4 Doctor’s Orders who get 3 midgets or 2 + Jimmy every time, without fail. Never 4, never less than 3. I’m not saying that this is how it is for everyone, but it is what I am getting every time.

Note: One of those is my Axton, who I’ve reset UVHM with multiple times, and have had the same experience each time I’ve gotten back to WEP.