Best "Run and Gun" class?

Greetings from Finland. As a solo player I am looking for suggestions for the most suited class for a “Run and Gun” playstyle on solo TVHM and UVHM. I will be starting as a lvl 30 character (Because of the Lilith DLC).

I used to main as Maya. I have my eye on either Axton or Salvador. I’ve played both of them on THVM from start to sanctuary and still having a rough time deciding which one I will eventually enjoy more late game. I plan to play only solo, only some exceptions for bosses etc.

So what are your thoughts?
Which would be more enjoyable and interesting?
Which would be easier late game (UVHM)?
Which would suit best for “Run and Gun” playstyle?
Which one would be less gear dependent?

Please let me know if I can provide more info. Cheers!

Salvador and Krieg. Maybe just me but I found Axton more tactical and positioning than run and gun.

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Tough decision: you might find you prefer one in TVHM and the other in UVHM. Personally, I’d go with Axton. You might want to browse the Salvador section for the Deputy Sal build though - that’s a solid run & gun build that rewards some skill level but is viable without getting all the skill points. It works better with some quite specific gear, although there are plenty of options that will work while you get to that point.


Yes you are correct with the turret it is pretty much tactical aswell.

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Thanks for advice, i’ll look into the deputy build, cheers.

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