Best Served Cold with new class mod

As you know this skill sucks, even after the buff.

However there IS potential for it to be a fun skill if it is buffed further (you know, tier 3 - 5pt skill and all).

As you know the neat interaction with seeing dead proccs thr nova around YOU when you trigger kill skills through seeing red.

One problem is that this skill isnt buffed by DFC or seein dead.

Right now with splash and AOE damage rolls you can get the damage to near 3k per nova.

With base damage of 1600 with 5 points and dfc and seein red it should be 2400 and then with good rolls it would be close to 4k per nova.

Still pathetically low but there is definitely potential.

I dont understand why they buffed the skill such a pathetic amount when it is so bad.

If they do buff it further and properly give it the bonuses from dfc and seein dead then paired with right gun you could procc it every 3 seconds and become a walking nova machine.

100% agree. I was testing it on my Zane and never saw anything over 4k. I quickly spec’d out of it completely. 4k every 3 seconds is barely damage at all. For damn sure not worth a 5 point investment. Best Served Cold needs to add cryo efficiency to Zane. 10% per point. Then at least there is a larger chance to actually freeze( which I assume is where the real benefit is SUPPOSED to be)