Best setup for restoration?

Any particular tips and preferred weaponry for restoration?

Fast shooting smgs, one hit shotguns, rocket launchers?

Does the Bee make this skill hellacious?

If you are in op8 you don’t need much to make it great because of how scaling works, I like penetration of pseudo b0re guns, or guns with big splash radius so either way I can hit enemies and allies in one shot.

Some of my favorite guns with it

  • Cobra
  • Pimpernel
  • Bekah
  • Twister
  • Slowhand
  • Swordsplosion
  • Etech Launchers
  • Plasma Casters

So grenades don’t about those jumping bitty grenades? Or are they worth it?

We’re only at 54 so far.

If you want grenades to heal and do damage use transfusions

I still prefer mirv + moxxi (slo hand etc). Best of both worlds, especially with slag practicble slo hand. Best used at a distance though. : )