Best Shield for Doppelganger to Share with his Digi-Jacks?

  1. Black Hole - Singularity and shock nova upon depletion. Large radius.
  2. Deadly Bloom - Explosive nova on depletion of both shield and also health.
  3. Supernova - High fire nova damage. Extremely large nova radius.
  4. Sunshine - Fire nova with fire projectiles with high chance to ignite.
  5. Avalanche - Cryo nova and spikes on depletion.
  6. Asteroid Belt - Chance to launch a Homing Meteor when damaged.
  7. Whisky Tango Foxtrot - Releases boosters that shock enemies.
  8. The Cradle - Thrown like a Tediore gun being reloaded when depleted.
  9. Prismatic Bulwark - Hyperion shield. Increases Laser damage.
  10. The Impaler - Corrosive spikes.

Thanks. I’m leaning towards Black Hole because of the crowd control aspect. I specced my digi jacks to die all the time (no health boosts) for those sweet constantly activated kill skills. Also unlimited nades, which are even more effective when the black hole groups the enemies together.


Open Questions:

  1. Does the Deadly Bloom really work on both shield and health depletion of the Digi Jacks? Somewhere else I read that yes, it does work from my findings.
  2. Do the Digis’ wrist lasers receive any benefit from Prismatic Bulwark, with or without Diversify? (note: this is a Hyperion shield)
  3. Would The Cradle even work?
  4. Would absorption shields actually give you ammo?

Comments from other threads:

  • “I tried the Sunshine but the fire beams that it shoots out instead of a normal nova can miss, even at close range.”
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if you really want to go make a digi jack focused build ( wouldn’t recommend it myself ) id say go with a black hole for the nova damage and crowd control as you said i main jack in TPS and this is the build i use works like a charm IF YOU CAN GET A SHAM hahaah

dont really see a need for the sharing shield skill anyway but im not an expert in TPS

I was under the impression that the meta for the Doppelganger was to focus around having kill skills constantly active, meaning having the digi-jacks constantly dying/ respawning.

Do you think differently?

Thanks for the feedback. And appreciate you sharing your build.

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I prefer none of the above, just a purple cryo nova, the delay on the avalanche is more than I want with my jacks down

no on second read i realise your build is simmilar to mine i just done remember ever taking the sharing shields skill. my build was focused around the bonuses of jacks dying and using that to give huge bonuses to shotguns. as Derch rightly said the delays on the shield is important

There is no such thing as a meta in Borderlands. That’s a Diablo thing.

Anyway, if you specced your Jacks to die, go with nova shields. Bulwark does nothing for their damage, and it wouldn’t matter if it did because you specced them to die. WTF and cradle still suck massively, impaled is a pain to get, and asteroid belt does 144k in the absolute best case scenario when it proc, which isn’t often enough to make it worth it. Cryo novas and black hole are best since they have the best utility, CC, and are neutral elements.

I like to use the Deadly Bloom with my rapidly dying Jacks. I love the Explosive Novas because the Glitched Cryo Thinking is my main tool of destruction. Freeze and Smash FTW!

I don’t use the Black Hole because I use Quasars for crowd controll and shield stripping but it is a solid choice.

The Sunshine fires in a star pattern and can miss enemies plus it’s Fire so in a vacuum it is even less effective.

The Avalanche works better on builds that focus more on keeping your Jacks alive since it is a Roid shield and that glitch is a thing.

Asteroid Belt, WTF, and the Impaler only really work when they take dammage but since your Jacks will be dying quickly they won’t be that effective.

The Bulwark I’m not sure about. I don’t know if it will boost your Digi Jacks Wrist Lasers or not but I wouldn’t use it, unless you are using Lasers yourself or just want it for Company Man.

This is all just my opinion and others my think differently.

Appreciate the analyses provided by @BTK420247 and @boombumr.

Confirmed that the Bulwark does not increase Digi-Jack damage. And also confirmed that Asteroid Belt, WTF, and The Cradle are not good choices.

I also suppose that bullets absorbed by the Digi-Jacks do not get added to your ammo reserves - this is yet to be confirmed.

It’s looking like nova shields are the way to go - Black Hole, Avalanche, and Deadly Bloom (confirmed that novas do indeed happen twice - at health and shield depletions) are looking to be the best options.

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Unfortunately, the ammo absorbed by the Jacks is not added to your pool.

Would be awesome if it was though. 11/5 AA, Just compensation and a Vladof launcher would be pretty sweet.

“Strip the flesh, salt the wound” - A.Psycho III, esq

The Impaler was renamed the Flyin’ Maiden in TPS, and is currently glitched the same way the Short Circuit COM and I believe the Supernova shield are? Regardless, it’s currently impossible to get it to drop without 3rd party software, which friggin’ sucks!

Please fix this Gearbox, I implore you… :dukecry: