Best shield to use with a crit build FL4K?

Hi. Just wondered if anyone could give me some ideas on the next shield to use on a crit FL4K build. I have the build sorted and the weapons etc for it but I’m just using a pretty standard purple shield.

It’s a good shield and works fine but it’s not anything special and I’m wanting to know if there’s any Legendary shields I should keep an eye out for that will work well with the build.


I’d keep an eye out for the Legendary Shield ‘Stop-Gap’.

Usual suspects…Transformer, Rough Rider, Health Re Router, Stop Gap.

Doesnt really matter with Fl4k…doesnt have natural synergies with any shield.

Thanks guys. Yea, the shield doesn’t seem to matter too much on FL4K. I’ve got the Stop Gap shield so I guess il use that.

Thanks again.

My favorite so far is the transformer


Stop gap is what I have now.

I have found any shield that works better than another with a crit build for fl4k