Best Shock SMG and shield

Just a few quick questions. First, whats the prefix for the Cheat Code that boosts damage? And also is there a way to know or be able to tell which prefix boosts what for guns that have a prefix unique to themselves? (For example, Enforceable Bullpup is the equivalent of Practicable) Also, is there any parts or prefix for an SMG that boosts magazine size?

Im also wondering what you prefer as the best shield for Athena. Right now, Im testing out the Black Hole because I thought with Condult it would just be Shock Wave after Shock Wave although its not exactly working as well as Id hoped. Right now, Im trying to make a SMG build so when suggesting, keep that in mind. I know that a Turtle shield is great for tanking, and personally i use an adaptive shield against the raid boss for obvious reasons, but I can’t find a good shield to use for mobbing

Last question is, what do you guys find the best Shock SMG? I personally hate Tediore guns so the IVF is pretty much out of the picture, but Im assuming its between a Meat Grinder, Cheat Code, and Torrent, along with the Fast Talker although Id imagine thats easily the best option but also near impossible to get.

The damage pre-fix for the cheat code is Rightsizing.

And the best shock SMG , if you can’t get the fast talker, is the torrent.

I thought the Cheat Code prefix was unique? The only Prefixes Ive seen have been Promotional, All-In, and Forthright, which all are different than other hyperion SMGs as far as Im aware, or am I missing something?

Usually I just use this

It looks like your right. I can’t find any picures of a rightsizing Cheat-code anywhere.

Try looking in the top gear for other characters to see what the best pre-fix is for them. Its probably the same.

The Cheat Code is an Old Hyperion gun, and it uses different naming schemes.

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All-In is the damage prefix on the Cheat Code that you’re looking for.

As far as the best shield on Athena, it’s the Shield of Ages. I have a breakdown of shield tanking in my Supercell build but basically, if you’re using Conduit then maximizing shield capacity should be your number one priority. The primary reason being that Conduit makes a slow Shield Recharge Rate or long Delay a non-issue.

The Black Hole can still be an effective shield. Keep in mind that it requires full shield depletion then needs to recharge to full before being able to activate again upon shield depletion. Conduit can certainly help recharge the shield but the frequency of shield depletion will be less simply because Conduit and the Aspis will almost always net you a partial charge. You may also want to try it out in a Xiphos-based build that uses Cryo mainly rather than Shock weapons.

If you can get over your hate for tediore weapons, the boxxy gunn is a fantastic weapon. It only comes in shock.

I use the Prismatic Bulwark, the laser absorb/resist can come in handy.

But then again i do use it also cause ThunderFire is my all-around weapon, so i get the 30% ish damage buff on it.

As for the SMG im not sure, im trying to farm a shock Cheat Code and Torrent to test em , but RNG says nope.

Okay thanks, and yeah I knew that the Shield of Ages is a great shield but I was hoping to pull away from a tank-styled build and use more of a fast paced crowd control build, so thats why I didn’t use it. Ill have to test out the Shield of Ages though because obviously its superior to any other Turtle Shield, which Ive only tested purple shields for. I know about the Black Hole requiring full shield depletion, but it seems like more of the problem is I can’t get it to deplete fully, because Conduit will make it start to recharge once its like 90% depleted due to me slamming, using a shock to strip a shield or keep storm waving active, etc. but I guess theres not much I can do about that.

Really? I always thought it was a terrible gun but mainly just because of its odd reload pattern, so I never tested it much, but Ill have to try it.

As for the Bulwark, its definitely a decent shield but I was looking to see if I could find anything other than it to use because that was originally my go-to shield.

I would add +1 to Prismatic Bulwark.

Good capacity, delay and recharge rate, absorbs laser which a LOT of enemies in TPS use, and boosts damage of your favourite laser (my picks go to Thunderfire, Absolute Zero, Laser Disker, and Tediore Splitters - all of them are very very strong to even raid with them)

If you’re looking for best shock SMG, Torrent is probably it. Though lemme tell you right now: SMG build doesn’t work as well as you’d think.