Best shock weapons to use with the Bee?

Im planning on a shock Axton build, so anything with grenade buffs and excellent synchronization with the Bee would be much appreciated! I dont know where to start.

Sandhawk and pimpernel.

You’re going to find better shock weapons while using a bee than those.
Your best bet is to ask about weapons without using a bee.

Then you have min/maxing options like the twister and… Umm… Florentine?

I cant really think of anything else that I would call good.

Shock is a hard one to build for axton since the shocktrooper mod is mediocre.

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So i should stick to explosive you think? Would the Bee work with any weapons other than DPUH and Ogre?

Bee works with everything.

Unlisted projectiles just happen to get abused easily for instance the flakker and its 30+ unlisted pellets.

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Would a flakker blast do more damage than a DPUH blast with the Bee and an explosive relic? If only it got grenade boosts…

Thunderball fists gets a lot out of the bee

Yes, way more.

But with the flakker its about 10 per pellet and amp is divided among pellets so its about amp x 10 best we can tell.

Only if the target is large enough to land enough pellets would the flakker out do the dpuh, on small targets the dpuh wins

Ive proved that to be false since youve watched me hit an enemy with the same pellet 3+ times on several occasions.

It all depends on placement of the pellets and ranges.

Would an Axton built atound Bee weapons and grenade damage be stronger than a Torguemando?

The Flakker might hit harder if you can get all the shots to hit the target, which is fairly difficult for little/normal sized targets. The DPUH is kind of easy mode for this sort of play style.

[quote=“adamplaga, post:11, topic:1539817, full:true”]Would an Axton built atound Bee weapons and grenade damage be stronger than a Torguemando?[/quote]The Bee gives free damage to any weapon, Torgue included. He’ll hit harder, but only if the shield is up (so he’s a little softer… not sure what you mean by strong). I don’t know of any Torgue weapons with unlisted pellets, so if you want to abuse that “feature” of the Bee, like @Blutfatal said, the Sand Hawk and Pimpernel are hard to beat. The Fibber with the ricochet (and shotgun for that matter) barrels lend themselves to this sort of abuse as well.

If your going for shock I’d use
Thunder ball fist
Shock hail
With a tanky shield like the blockade
magic missile grenade
Shock bone of the ancients
Not sure what com most likely just leg engineer but its up to you

All of those weapons can kill just fine without the bee.
Spec not sure I’d have to look into that

I agree that shock weapons are mediocre once the shields are gone. I do use them for enemies that are fire resistant like the warrior but otherwise, not very useful against flesh or armored targets. My experience with the bee has been that it really, really works well with anything that has a high rate of fire. Multi-projectile weapons benefit from it as well so I can kill the bunker in one magazine with a corrosive Lyuda. The Slagga is another that I suggest farming for the bee. Slag is obviously useless alone but this one fires 3 rounds and uses one bullet per PLUS it has a high rate of fire. An average 100 round magazine will send about 300 bullets at your target. Devastating when combined the bee. I have a FFYL time/life with +30% SMG damage bone of the ancients that I use most of the time. I only switch to my element specific relics for boss fights.