Best shotgun so far

I recently received a brainstormer and its amazing!! It has the same perks as a quasar grenade bl2 also it drops from rampage boss encounter

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Wait until you get the Flakker…

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I concur. The brainstormer is a monster of a shotgun. Got mine at lvl 32, and it was OP all the way up to lvl 40. Relatively easy to aim, too.

Jakobs hellwalker it’s crazy and badass


Flakker or conference call so far for me

Flakker is carrying me through TVHM lv 50 Mayhem 3 with ease even with 50% less weapon damage modification on.

I recently got the 'boring’gun.
man that is a fun gun. With my Amara and maxed out personnel space, on mayhem 1, its a beast.

Only downside is returning blades tend to chip at you.

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Definitely Hellwalker for me:)


Butcher, brain stormer, confrence call, and flakker all top shottys. It comes down to build really at that point.

The 4-round-clip Protuberance is amazing. Up to about 3.4k damage that I’ve seen, with up to 4 hits each trigger pull.

The Projectile Recursion can be amazing in the right circumstances - a fire one is hilarious in Cistern of Slaughter. About 2.5k per hit but the projectile ricochets around to multiple targets.

Torgue shotguns can come in up to triple penetrating in a variety of elements. Hardly the most powerful thing around but fun none the less :wink: .

All 3 of these benefit hugely from the Overkill perk in their own special ways.

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A Maliwan Mind-Killer from Mouthpiece is my favorite shotgun a lot of the time


Yeah, I do love those…with the useable clip. It’s a real pity that all the ones without the correct clip are complete garbage though. I really think they nerfed the wrong thing (the barrel) when it actually was the clip giving the wrong % damage that was the problem.

Anyways, Protuberance also gets my vote for a top tier “shotgun” (it’s more of a grenade launcher…)

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Was just going to suggest the Protuberance! Even a blue is OP

Hellwalker has some crazy ass doom super shotty vibe.

Flakkers ok as a “fck me thats impressive”

Butcher give you squeals of delight as it acts like an smg.

But i do love my lvl 50 brainstormer, especially with my Amara