Best single pellet, cryo assault rifle for Moze?

I’m currently working on a new terror build for Moze. Probably helpful to know that it’s cryo / urad weapons, using the Infernal Wish, Bloodletter and plenty of splash damage. Thinking of assault rifles, the Soulrender is currently putting in plenty of work. I’m wondering if there would be anything better, however. For instance, the Juliet’s Dazzle or Contained Blast, although getting cryo versions would mean a substantial amount of save quitting. If possible, I want to settle on the right gun before setting out. Any suggestions?

Maybe try Kaos.

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Thanks, I’ll consider it. I’ve also been farming for a perfect Electric Banjo recently, so it’s possible I’ve got one hanging around. Only problem would be that most of the shots don’t deal splash damage.

The Rebound maybe. There are single pellets variants

Faisor in underbarrel shotgun mode? Best Moze Shotgun in the game IMO.

Clairvoyance is a pretty good and overlooked one for Moze too. I know it’s not splash but it meets the rest of the requirements. With Short Fuse, every weapon is splash.


i mean u could use the try bolt but…i dont know if it was ever buffed to a point where it’s usable
alternatively the laser sploder deals a bit of splash damage

Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I’m thinking of trying a Juliet’s Dazzle (cryo and splash every shot) or branching out and going for a Kaoson. The main thing is being single pellet, splash and cryo so the assault rifle bit is less essential.

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the kaoson is definitely a top tier pick

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For real the Kaoson is insane on Moze. I would think it would be better with the Mindsweeper or Blast Master IMO, but with a Bloodletter and Redistribution, etc. it should still wreck. Good luck farming or rolling a cryo Urad one though LOL.

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I think I already have a cryo N2M one, so I can just reroll. Still tempted to try the Dazzle for something a little bit different.

Boogeyman would be worth a look.

Dazzle is fun with Moze. I find projectile speed parts or Torgue Proj speed on COM make a big difference. Ricochets can bounce back and hit you so there’s some added risk there but worth it overall imo.

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I’ve got a cryo Juliet’s Dazzle but the funny thing is it can seem to roll with any anoints other than the “original” ones, so no terror or Cartel ones. Threw it back in the bank. Probably gonna try the Kaoson for a bit.

After doing a lot of testing with cryo weapons not so long ago, this is what I found out:

Best and most ammo-efficient pure splash AR you can get is the Faisor with its underbarrel shotgun, but it’s technically not single pellet in its strongest mode. If you don’t mind having to do repairs, then a single-pellet Rebound should work in theory.

With Dahl ARs, Kaos has superior base damage but you only get the splash special effect if the enemy dies because of the element of the gun. Soulrender has the superior special ability for splash damage but it’s still not a pure splash weapon in essence. If you’re looking at Torgue ARs, I found the Juliet’s Dazzle better for mobbing and the Contained Blast for bossing.

I’ve seen the Kaoson being recommended, it’s ok but it’s a tad overrated imho, especially when I tested it in comparison to other cryo weapons. Even in bossing, the Contained Blast was churning out noticeably more DPS than the Flipper which comfortably outperforms the Kaoson. Outside of ARs, your best single-pellet splash options are the Boogeyman and the Beacon.

Just FYI, if you’re doing a Bloodletter build and are using cryo weapons anyway, I don’t see the point in the terror cryo anointment; if you’re only considering the two anointments mentioned, you practically have every incentive in place to choose Urad 100% of the time instead.


Sounds like some great research. I might try to get urad on the Juliet’s Dazzle once more and if it doesn’t work start farming for Contained Blasts. It can come in single pellet, right? It seems to be Double Penetrating quite a lot of the time.

I’m not doing Terror Cryo, btw. I’m using Superior Firepower to double the cryo damage and then adding Urad to the mix.

Faisor would be interesting, but I would get less of a boost from my Infernal Wish.

I think I would like the Kaos more if the on-death effect was more consistent, but unfortunately it seems like Urad, Short Fuse, FitSD and who knows what else can prevent the effect from triggering.

The Contained Blast is a bizarre exception among Torgue weapons in that the Double-Penetrating prefix actually means it is a single pellet listed on the card. You can have a x2 version that consumes 3 ammo per shot which comes without the DP prefix.

The Kaos is good but you’re relying on Short Fuse and its special effect to get splash damage out of it. Similar story with the Clairvoyance, it’s at its best with the Masher suffix but whether it’s that or a single-pellet rifle, it’s still not splash. However, don’t forget that Urad damage doesn’t include splash damage in its final output. Urad as an anointment becomes more prominent with non-splash weapons so it would be worth testing the non-splash cryo weapons too.

As for pure splash weapons, if I was running a Bloodletter-Infernal Wish build, I would be looking more at cryo heavy weapons such as the Plaguebearer and Kickcharger. But outside of heavy weapons and considering Urad, I’d say go for either the Boogeyman or the Rebound.

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I do also have a Plaguebearer, yes. I think I’ll farm for a Contained Blast, hopefully won’t take too long. Bit of a Torgue allegiance thing going on since I’m also using the Craps.

I remember urad doesn’t include splash damage, yes, but I find it goes well with the Infernal Wish / Bloodletter combo and it’s nice a) not to have to think about triggering the anointment and b) having a second element to balance the cryo (along with fire from FitSD and Big Surplus).

Sounds like you’re going for a nuclear winter build similar to mine but with Bloodletter-Urad instead and Torgue allegiance for added flavour. In that case, you’ve already got the right sort of weapons for the Infernal Wish. But it might also be worth testing out the Lob as that is a single projectile and should work well with Urad. It’s not quite pure splash but with a little adjusting and firing at the correct angles, you can make it inflict splash damage more often.

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Don’t bother trying to get Urad on Juliet’s Dazzle. You will only waste your time and eridium.

Also, I don’t recommend Kaos on Moze. You need to kill an enemy with gun damage in order to proc the special effect, which Moze does not do well. Kaos, BotD, etc have very low proc rate for end game Moze.

Clairvoyance is not a splash weapon btw.

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Does the underbarrel attachment on the Dowsing Rod double its projectiles with the Infernal Wish or does it just add one? I tested this a while back and I can’t recall - but maybe? Worth trying.