Best single pellet, cryo assault rifle for Moze?

The Kaos will kill you

Tough to beat the soul renderer honestly

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From what I remember it only adds 1 additional grenade

Since superior fire-power is bonus cryo, do you want to lock yourself down to a cryo assault rifle?

Yes, all cryo gear. Harmonious Havoc + Superior Firepower working with Urad, an Infernal Wish and plenty of splash damage. Haven’t been able to play for a bit, but I’ve got a urad Kaoson and Soulrender and I’m going to farm for a Contained Blast and just see which ones I like the most / find most effective.

Believe Superior firepower only boosts cryo damage from cryo weapons or active cryo anoints. With non-cryo guns it increases status effect damage but doesnt add bonus cryo.

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I farmed a cryo Contained Blast and now need to get the anoint on it. That being said, it looks like my Kaoson is significantly better. Not only is the damage per shot higher (and then doubled because it explodes on hit and again with the sticky), but the mag is higher, ammo consumption is half the Blast’s and the fire rate is better. I’ll still try the Contained Blast but it isn’t looking promising at this stage.

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Contained Blast is weirdly strong especially vs. bosses. Its significantly more powerful than it seems based on the card stats

The Contained Blast works by firing both an impact round and a sticky gyrojet within the same projectile, so you have to empty the clip fully before you see the real benefit of it: it yields greater overall DPS on targets with much bigger health but there is a delay before that DPS kicks in. That’s why when tackling standard mobs, there are a number of weapons that can easily kill them faster including the Kaoson and that’s why I would recommend Juliet’s Dazzle over the CB when it comes to mobbing with a cryo Torgue AR.


Ah, perhaps that’s it then. Maybe I’ll try the Kaoson for mobbing and Contained Blast for bossing and drop one of my other weapons. Right now I’ve using the Craps using stickies for bossing but from the sounds of things the Contained Blast may beat it.

A cryo faisor in shotgun mode is also really strong

I suppose I should let you guys know how the build went in the end. Not sure if I want to do a full build topic, but I ended up going with:

Set off Terror anoints: Facepuncher
Craps: Bossing
Mobbing: Kaoson
General: Plaguebearer

Overall, the build works really well and can solo all content with relative ease. Similar in power to my Graveyard Moze build, possibly more powerful on foot, though less powerful in Bear (Specialist Bear is damage in its own category so Bear will simply not be as powerful without it).

This past week I’ve been working on an incendiary Eternal Flame Cub build and it’s pretty OP. Might be getting a bit burnt out though. I’ve done an elemental/splash Amara, a Slam Amara, 2 Terror Mozes and a Cub one. Not sure what else I’d want to do. Thinking of a gun Fl4k and a pet one. That would mean doing another playthrough though and I just don’t like the story enough to do that.

Imho, Fl4k is arguably the best-designed character in the game for gameplay: you can feel immensely powerful but at the same time, you also have to play smart, especially when there’s no life steal in their skill trees and survivability is a more pressing matter outside of Red Fang builds. It’s not as simple as just going in full-kamikaze and soaking up all the damage with Rushin’ Offensive, Sustainment or Salvation keeping you on your feet. I can’t speak for everyone else but I know that when I play as Fl4k and even when not going Gamma Burst, there’s a different and more gratifying satisfaction to beating the hardest content that I simply don’t feel with any of the other vault hunters.

Whether you want to go through another playthrough just to level up Fl4k is a different matter entirely but if you have an eye on what they would be like as a character to explore endgame with, ignoring my own bias in that Moze is my first VH and #1 in terms of preference and time investment, then Fl4k is probably the best pick out of all four of them and based on my own experiences, is a LOT of fun with which to craft various builds. Even if I have settled on just one build with Fl4k lately, it’s one that offers plenty of variety in itself as I can use all three original action skills to great effect whenever I want to switch things up without having to respec.


@DoctorDragon LOL, as a Fl4k main I feel exactly like you, but from the other side of it. I love playing Moze because with all her damage and healing skills, the game becomes much more of a rampage and less surgical, which is a little more how you have to play Fl4k.

So Moze is like a little vacation within the game. :laughing:


Having said all that, I did actually start levelling up a new Fl4k during the weekend (and started typing up the new iteration of my build to add to the Graveyard Moze thread). I turned Guardian Rank off for extra challenge and am exploring the purple tree. Between Take This, Success Imminent, Gotta Go Fast and a Nova Berner, I now have a skag sprinting around the battlefield and exploding with rad / fire explosions wherever he goes.

I’m wondering if adding splash damage through COM and artifact + constantly triggering these novas through Fuzzy Math + Megavore would make for a fun pet / hybrid build. Then add in Red Fang, Urad and down to Barbaric Yawp on the Master tree and there might be enough to make Fl4k powerful too. Might not hold up at all, but I’m wondering if I could get it powerful enough to take on the Maliwan Takedown.

Guardian Rank actually becomes seriously OP in new playthroughs. Even if I just take my gun damage, fire rate, crit damage and elemental damage, that’s roughly 75% extra damage at all times - not to mention what the other stats add for survivability / utility and what the perks all do. Taking away Guardian Rank makes the story feel fresh again. I expect I’ll play to the end of the story, then switch the system back on and bump up a couple Mayhem levels before playing one or two of the DLCs.

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Both Moze and Fl4k by far are the two vault hunters that have kept me even semi-interested in the game for this long. It’s got to the point where I use Moze as my splash VH and Fl4k as my non-splash VH. I never did any write-ups in the Fl4k forums but I just roll around with my H4NDSOME FL4K build where it’s Hyperion allegiance with shotguns, Lightspeed and Re-Volter. It allows me to use the Reflux for Red Fang Gamma Burst, the Butcher for St4ckbot GitM and ofc the Guardian Angel for Peregrine R4kk Attack. Not that I ever really need it 99% of the time but I have the Heart Breaker for emergency life steal and all in the same build where I don’t need to respec.

However when the game came out, I didn’t actually jump on the Fl4k bandwagon even though there was a lot of hype and intrigue leading up to its release. It was actually Amara who was my #2 VH because the idea of a siren with a melee angle appealed to me immensely. Alas, Gearbox’s execution of that left a lot to be desired. I’ll never get how exactly Gearbox overlooked the opportunity for Amara to use her mystical siren fists in a Phasezerker-esque action skill for one thing, but because they took so long to partially address the melee issue over time (and also because they turned Zane into a total P2W character,) I ended up having more fun overall and felt more rewarded for time invested in Fl4k so they became my #2.

With Amara, I’m easily bored by the Phasezerker COM, Rush stacks, the Mystical Assault tree, TTB and resorting to investing 21 points in the red tree for Sustainment, so my only level 72 build for her is very similar to my melee build for Moze: it’s based on her green and purple skill trees and it uses the combos of Face-puncher + Static Charge and Guardian Angel + Fish Slap. I use the Breaker COM for extra melee damage plus damage reduction, I use Fracture to activate both Phaseslam anointments (+300% weapon damage for Face-puncher and +200% melee damage from the Re-Volter) with the least amount of cooldown, and I’ve got Body and Mind (+1 point for Infusion) to double the amount of projectiles from my redundant FP and simultaneously activate the splash damage multiplier on top of melee damage that can easily be over +700%.


Maybe you should! Sounds like a smart idea for an all in one approach.

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I was considering it at one point. For one thing however, these forums are really not that active anymore. The last post made in the Fl4k forums was almost two weeks ago. I don’t think I’ll bother with an official write-up but I’ll link the skill build here. The idea behind the build is that you can choose your favourite of the original action skills and/or switch it up either for variety’s sake or out of necessity. The skill build link has Gamma Burst by default.

If you want Fade Away, select GitM and Not my Circus, roll with the Butcher anointed with FA damage and a St4ckbot COM - provided you’ve got sufficient fire rate bonuses, you’ll easily get max stacks before GitM ends. Rakk Attack uses the augments for extra rakks and +1 charge. For both increasing DPS and your own survivability, keep your distance while holding the Guardian Angel and the Peregrine COM will help deliver the Lightspeed for you.

Overall I’m very happy with the build as it can do practically all content but in making it a Swiss army-knife type of build, it will inevitably have one or two shortcomings which in this build’s case is Rakk Attack, should anyone want to go that route 100% of the time. I’ve managed to beat Hemovorous and True Maliwan Takedown with the Lightspeed but True Guardian Takedown’s crystal phases? That requires offering sacrifices to RNGesus. Yes, I could just swap that out for the Fish Slap but I have no interest in making it a melee build. Besides, the build allows you to swap to Red Fang Gamma Burst for such situations without having to respec.


The build is now up! Placed it in the Graveyard Moze thread since this is really a variation of that.

Im working on a similar build but not using the infernal but opting for the traditional tanking method. AR’s is a tricky one.

According to Lootlemon;

  • Shock Tri-Bolt is at 34.9k. It can be Cryo. The Weapon is a 3-round burst sticky grenade launcher.
  • x2 Shock Contained Blast is almost 9k. It can be x1 and in Cryo.
  • x2 Cryo Juliet’s Dazzle is 24.2k and can be a x1. It is a full auto AR.
  • Incendiary Rebound is 23.3k and can by cryo.

Note for the none cryo weapons the damage noted is going to be slightly lower damage than the cryo versions.

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