Best Sniper Character?

I’m talking about that one shot- skill shot playstyle. Is Flak the best at it? I would think he would be but maybe I’m wrong. I’ve been trying to make one shot flak work, but I can’t seem to get it done. Suggestions? Because I feel like I can do more work with a sniper moze with minesweeper, suggestions would help.

TTB Amara is the best sniper in the game IMO. My guess is that would be the majority popular opinion as well.

Fl4k was really competitive for that slot with Jakobs snipers until they patched out multiple elements. Fl4k is still good with snipers, just not anywhere close to the Amara level any more. Amara wrecks with Jakobs snipers.


Moze minesweeper builds tend to work best with Guns that shoot lots of bullets fast, in order to get frequent mini grenade procs, so I haven’t had much luck at higher levels with snipers rifles. Have always wanted to make that work though, another com might be better.

but once you get the proc, it will do a ton of damage. Skullmasher 150/50, did way better sniping with moze than I can with flak, and my gear isn’t as ideal. I feel like flak needs even more ideal gear than moze to do work. Not using Athenas as a base line btw, for example, tentacles DLC is a better baseline because mobbing is just the right amount of difficulty I think.

What are her core skills that make this a thing?

Moze with short fuse and headsplosion, blastmaster or minesweeper.
Amara with TTB isn’t really skill based that combo makes most guns work
FL4K gets free crits so Again not so much skill based
Don’t get me wrong all three have great potential but a sniper build that relies on you being a good shot(skill based sniper) I vote moze
Just my two cents

Well yeah he gets free crits, but it won’t do as much damage as moze or amara, I feel like they can do the one-shotting better than the person with a bunch of crit damage buffs.

Are these one-hit kills for her, or lots of damage across a few rounds?

Amara is fun for sniping because of TTB and indiscriminate, but Fl4k has more skills that support sniping. In my experience I’ve had much more fun with Fl4k because of their single target damage compared to Amara. Two F4ng, crit boosts, and even the deadeye com make jakobs snipers a blast. I just can’t get that same feeling of one-tapping heads with Amara. It’s an instant deathwave sure, but I like picking and shooting.

In my experience Amara is the only character that can easily and consistently one-shot without major setup. Moze can do that too, but needs Short Fused to guarantee a kill on the more healthy mobs. Amara also has the luxury of Ties that Bind, an action skill that will make your “one shot one kill” wish look cute by killing a whole room with one shot! Fl4k can stack up the damage to get OHK’s easy enough, but that needs a somewhat tight execution depending on your build. But they can make their pet a distraction, which can help you greatly to keep control over the enemies. But Fl4k has the most classy sniping action skill in the form of Fade Away. If you like having even more damage after each of your critical hits, then Fl4k might fit your bill. Zane has primarily the added pellet from Playing Dirty, but his Barrier will help you sniping. Something cool about Zane is that he rewards critical hits by slowing down the enemies until they freeze. That’s a really cool interaction, but won’t come up much if you can OHK consistently.

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Moze with splash boosts combined with Headsplosion can wreck things pretty good. I’ve only got +splash on artifact but if you got sniper damage + splash damage + jakobs crit and 300/90 anoint going on it should go above and beyond one shotting almost anything as it seems to almost do so already with what I’ve got thanks to the recent Headsplosion buff.

I’m sure you can do one shot sniping with other character builds and weapons too. I’d still point out that you most likely want a 300/90 on your rifles regardless of who or what you’re going with. Nothing like doing 4x damage on your first shot to guarantee those one shot, one kills.

@Adabiviak I would say the nature of how TTB itself works as an action skill (in particular the damage sharing aspect) is the main reason Amara is so good as a sniper, but combine that with the Overkill GR Perk, Remnant, and Indiscriminate, and you REALLY have a powerful sniping class.

The other thing is that the reasoning is kind of like the reasoning for Maya being a good sniper in BL2 - part of the reason Amara is good as a sniper is because she can hold enemies still. Enemies still = shoot head more reliably. That seems pretty basic, but it is true. Unlike Maya however, Amara has quite a few more damage increases that make the ability to hold an enemy still relatively more powerful than this skill was for Maya.

All these are just IMO. I may be forgetting something, as I don’t play Amara a ton.

Headsplosion after buff can 1-2 shot trash mobs at M10 with a Blastmaster in a Mostly Red/Blue build. The Blastmaster has near perfect rolls for the sniper. There just is not many snipers like the Headsplosion, A traditional point and shot sniper.

I have a Hyperion allegiance Siren in BL2 that was an ace sniper (no Cloud Kill too, so an otherwise weak setup could still one-shot the locals). Reaper was the main skill for that particular combat style.

Coincidentally, one of my Sirens in BL3 is a Hyperion allegiance, but few of the skills seem to lend themselves to one-shot sniping… like the enemy will definitely die, but if I shoot them, they survive that shot only to die later from elemental damage, I didn’t one-shot them. (My other Amara is a Maliwan allegiance, so elemental finishes are on purpose.)

When I’ve blown my cover and they’re coming at me, I’ll use The Eternal Fist to hold 'em still. While grasped, Transcend adds some crit damage, Laid Bare and Wrath add some base damage, and Dread adds some damage plus a free reload, but this is plan B… if I’m doing it right, enemies never get within Phaselock range. This build doesn’t go far enough down the Fist of the Elements tree to get Ties that Bind either (Dread is as far as it goes… with the next level cap increase, this may change, but we’ll see).

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@Adabiviak With Amara, I usually try to phasegrasp either a badass or a trash mob guy (not a mid-tier enemy). If I have phasegrasped a badass, I look for a trash mob that I also have linked up with TTB and kill that one first, letting TTB, Overkill, and Remnant take care of the rest. If I have phasegrasped a trash mob, I kill the trash mob and let TTB, Overkill, and Remnant take care of the rest of the enemies who are linked.

I don’t know how most other people handle that because again, Amara is not my main character and so I am not the most experienced with her, but that’s how I do it. There is some amount of Overkill carrying (i.e., hitting consecutive headshots and stacking Overkill) that you need to do for the strategy to work optimally, but when it does, whole rooms just explode.

Also yikes, a Hyperion sniper Maya? I love sniping, but Hyperion snipers are brutal to use in BL2. You are a brave soul! LOL

With sniper dmg jackobs crit and splash dmg add the 300/90 you get 1 shot kills pretty consistently, where Amara would win would be someplace like The bridge in mtd because she can crowd control and not get overwhelmed by mobs. But moze can most certainly pull it off.

Its a shame. Poor fl4k who was supposed to be the sniper character is outclassed by amara. She can clear an entire room in 1-2 shots. Her action skill can kill 4 or 5 enemies instantly. Try getting more than one kill in 3 shot fade if that many.

She has a few. Put together Transcend, (From Rest for Maliwan snipers), Laid Bare, Wrath, Remnant, Avatar, Steady Hands, (Infusion for switching elements according to weaknesses on Jakobs weapons and gaining life steal from Sustainment), Tempest, Dread, Indiscriminate and Forceful Expression and you get something pretty nice. Not to mention locking targets allows for easy crits and 300/90 with your easy crits means you can kill crowds with overkill. It works very nicely and doesn’t take too much skill to get decent streaks going. It falls down on bosses though so it’s worthwhile not just getting 300/90. Next 2 mags or 200 ASA are nice replacements.

Her damage/crit buffs and indiscriminate with TTB and stillness of mind. Pair all that with an Unseen Threat and you have the best sniper in the game. You can use many different sniper rifles, but that one is the best.

The best anointment on weapons for Amara is 150/50 urad. Combined with a stop gap you’ll have it up 100% of the time. Health regen isn’t important unless you’re trying to do true Takedowns.

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