Best solo class in Handsome Collection (Pre Sequel)

(Konstant) #1


simple request - help mi to chose most powerfull class to play only single.


(Del) #2

They are all pretty even with the exception of claptrap.

Claptrap’s big attack is random and a lot of fun. It isn’t reliable though so he is a bad choice for easy mode.

Athena is probably the most survivable and later on her shield does crazy damage.

I would avoid Wilhelm if only because there are so many posts about him getting stuck at the beginning of the game.

Nisha probably does the most damage flat out.

Aurelia is easy mode early on but long term not so much.

I never played the clone


(Sc34sc) #3

Play as handsome jack it is the best , once you get him, so he spawns his badasses characters. he the best solo on it .

Whilhelm is find , if remember borderlands 1 and 2 , gear sets and stats, from rolan and axten. and bricks.

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(Rush86) #4

Athena is good solo and very powerful with her elemental damage and melee. They all are good solo though.



I’ve played solo to level 70 with Athena, yeah, that shield saved me a lot.


(The Sword In The Darkness ) #6

I play solo exclusively and Wilhelm was my first choice. Never had a problem with him. He’s tough to kill.

Jack is also fun and the clones come in handy.

Just started Athena and her shield is pretty awesome.

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(Evo4g63t) #7

Wilhelm is terrible in my opinion of course your playstyle will affect which character is the best for soloing.

I’ve played normal on all of them and my opinion is Athena If you want a strong defensive player (later she becomes quite well rounded), Jack of you’re an offensive player.

Wilhelm is just boring in my opinion and dies quite Easily. I struggled with him on normal playthrough and his action skills are surprisingly boring.

Nisha is a strong offensive player but she is weak initially and is a glass cannon.

Aurelia is a strong character in normal mode, in fact I think she is the strongest but once past normal mode her action skill power weakens.

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(Thunder Jayhawk35) #8

Nisha is my favorite… You just can’t beat auto aim and crazy fast reload speed which then buffs your damage to ungodly levels with auto crit.



(Evo4g63t) #9

As you can see OP there is a large difference in opinion of who the best is soloing it all comes down to your play preferences on who is the best.


(Konstant) #10

Which class is easiest to play on highest levels ?


(Zach) #12

Athena or Nisha. Claptrap is pretty useless solo and Wilhelm is hard to use for bosses. Athena is good for melee damage like the assassin or psycho in bl2. Nisha is the best for solo because she does a ton of damage every second and is a very op chartacter


(Zach) #13




My Claptrap can handle solo and gain fast second winds though. His Action Skill completely recovers health too. That’s convenient when things gone crazier. His only problem is that he got too many useless skills.

I personally think Jack and Claptrap are really good solo.

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(emiyil13) #15

Personally I would pick Claptrap or Athena because Athena is a melee like borderlands 2 Zero.Claptrap is very mysterious and fun to play with but he is good in spilt screen or co-op.


(emiyil13) #16

For me Ill go with Claptrap because he does crazy amount of damage when his a level 25 or higher


(emiyil13) #17

Go with the first skill tree if your playing solo.


(ripebox) #18

I play Aureila and she can defiently hold her own. Her action skill is great for getting second winds, and mass stacking I Never Miss… makes her crits do so much damage. Plus she is a bitch so bonus points.

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(Chitsa) #19

Nisha a killer. Shotty or pistoles. I prefer the former. Get a Jackobs and destroy.

Athena will also wreck.

Aurelia will also wreck.

Jack will wreck.

Not bothered with Willhelm or Clappy, but that’s a time thing.


(Matthiasembry) #20

Do not use Aurelia because she is very focused on gameplay with others. Jack is a very ok character and so is Athena. I prefer Wilhelm as the best starter because he is a very easy character to learn. Not so sure about the Stewart bot or law bringer but I know law bringer would not be the best to start off with when starting the game.

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(Rush86) #21

No dude you are dead wrong about aurelia. She is a amazing chracter solo and just in general. Shes an amazing sniper and crit hit damage killing machine. Im guessing you never even played her. She freezes everything in sight and can just wreck mobs like they are nothing. I seriously cant beleive you even wrote that