Best solo class in Handsome Collection (Pre Sequel)

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I thought that Aurelia was the easiest to solo with especially through normal difficulty. Her skills are powerful and it’s only one tree that is aimed toward co-op use. The other two are good for solo use.

Jack is also good for soloing but he isn’t as powerful out the gate as Aurelia is.


(Berserker) #23

While not a popular choice, I enjoyed playing Wilhelm a lot. He has a good balance between survivability and damage output.


(Impala) #24

Nisha is the most powerful, if you like “click-and-win” games. Her lines are cheesy and boring, too.
Athena and Jack are great classes, excellent survivabiliy and damage output to match.

Claptrap was very fun to play, you might like him, if you like explosions and humor.
Aurelia is a bit specific, but excellent in fighting mobs.
Wilhelm is is ok at surviving, but does not match the others damage-wise. Not to mention boring dialogue.


(Raven0134) #25

Well, the answer is Nisha. She’s the best for solo and if you want to solo hunt bosses. She’s like the Gunzerker of BL:TPS. Only thing is, she’s fragile. She has also a boring dialogue (really, BORING).


(I'm not a real doctor) #26

I can’t believe ppl are saying it is hard with Wilhelm, once you start getting Laser weapons (which is pretty early) the game becomes incredibly easy with Wilhelm


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The game is easy with all of them because the skill trees and balancing in this game are way ahead of BL2. Wilhelm is the weakest character, but that doesn’t mean he’s weak.


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I have played with all except Claptrap. Not gonna lie I died alot more with Nisha than with Wilhelm, with Wilhelm it became impossible to die toward the end


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For me the main issue with Wilhelm is he’s just boring. Same issue I had with Roland and Axton.


(I'm not a real doctor) #30

he is quite boring in that he’s a Summon type character I suppose


(Fabrix1) #31

It’s all about playstyle, I finished my first game with athena and she’s really tanky, tried a little the other classes and I have to say, I’m having a lot of fun with Wilhelm, I have to disagree with the others, cause I found his ability kinda op, you just invest skill points in the first ability tree and the offensive drone will do the dirty work while the other drone is healing you


(Samuraith) #32

Wilhelm with lasers is quite good and when he gets gear that boosts him further is amazing.

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Boredom does not imply he’s not good.


(Samuraith) #34

Jack or Timothy as he was called, is quite the monster once you get far enough along in his skill trees, far from just being a ok character. I’d recommend him and Wilhelm as good characters to play.


(mjb112975) #35

Ive got all 6 in uvhm . 3 all maxed and 3 mid 60s. I ended up loving every single one in a diff way but equally . I started with wilhelm then athena then baroness…nisha …jack and clappy. Pick one and jyst go until you got em all at least in nvhm.


(CDR_Shepard) #36

Well, OP probably is way past the original question but, for anyone else … If you truly want to solo entire game then the big question is can you handle the bosses? All do fine with mobbing (Nisha fastest, Clappy slowest). All do fine if you open you game to the public during the boss battles & get help. Best for soloing the bosses (ahem, for me): Athena & Jack’s Doppleganger! (Both need specific spec’s & loadouts to perform these amazing feats. See respective sub-topics).


(Wittwicky695) #37

Depends on what build you go for with willhelm


(blackmagyk101) #38

Jack is probably the best character just due to the fact that he can summon his digi-jacks to destroy even baddest of bosses if you set them up correct but that’s if you want a lazy build, jack is versatile with the fact that he can be a lazy class or a shooty class.


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