Best splash weapons for an Infernal Wish?

I’m designing a new Moze build which feels pretty different to anything I’ve seen before. It’s a urad, Deathless, terror, splash build with lots of different mechanics in play. I’m thinking carefully about which weapons to put in as I know some weapons are particularly good with the Infernal Wish, for instance the Soulrender can send out double skulls and the Craps can send out ten pellets for the price of one.

I was thinking the Prompt Critical and Blood-Starved Beast would both be pretty good, but then I saw they say x3 on the card so I’m thinking they wouldn’t get the full boost.

Plaguebearer, backburner, x1 free radical, i think flipper works for this? Beacon, complex root if you want to sort out not killing yourself, replay, kickcharger

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Thanks! Maybe I’ll try the Atlas Replay. I’ve just come from a Maliwan Amara so I’ve had my fill of the Free Rad / Complex Root / Flipper. I’ve tried the Hornet and that’s working really nicely.

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No problem; I’m sure there’s more but all that plus hornet and soulrender seems like a good start.

Also i totally get Maliwan fatigue

I’m thinking of a Hornet, Soulrender, Craps combo. My Facepuncher is there to apply Terror so I only need three weapons.

Might have guardian angel from the vault card and switch to it before torgue stickies explode or with slow moving launchers.

I’m using one on flak with perigrine and ghastcall… I do have to mention i beat the GTD without ever shooting a single bullet :rofl:

Forgot to mention i also paired it with urad deathless :rofl: (without it it would do good damage nonetheless) and revolter shield. (moze won’t be able to use that one effectively though)


I use a build with 8 points in the red tree with a revolter and uRad on Moze. It’s nasty.

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Sounds pretty great. I’ve just come from a TTB Re-volter Amara though, so I felt like something different.

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How come you say it’s ineffective on Moze??? Because of the diminished returns or because she can’t use A.S.S. reliably??? I’ve been really enjoying the snowshoe,I.W., and Old God!!!

How about a Nukem

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A x1 Slowhand could be intesting. Not the best shotgun and not even close. But it dose splash and has 50% lifesteal which will do a lot for keeping the wish up.
According to Lootlemon a x2 Shock is 38,706 but with the part making it a x2 giving a 30% damage penalty it could be over 50k.

Nothingness (Maliwan Shooty) and Complex Root (Maliwan Sniper) could be interesting but both suicidal.
Nothingness dose a lot of explosions and can be x1 or 2. And the Root dose a lot of explosions and is a x1

I am currently Farming a Kings and Queens call for Moze as shooting 2 pellets means 6 splash orbs on crit. It also dose life steal. It would technically be a traditional sniper like setup as you need to line up for damage.

Edit digging around on Lootlemon, Headsplosion 79.4k x1 splash Jakobs sniper. On crit will spawn 3 more splash projectiles. you put the plus 1 from the wish and things may die.

Edit 2; Rowan’s Call. the bullet is not splash but on Crit will spawn 2 splash orbs. Its base damage is at 61k


RYNAH, Kickcharger, Backbuner, Plaguebearer, Complex Root, Hive, Thumper, Bearcat, Breeder, Echo, Devil’s Foursum, ION Cannon, Major Kong, Scoville, Shocker, The Lob, Yellowcake.


Storm can actually be a lot of fun, was messing around with it and the wish on fl4k and it was fantastic

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Because of the ASS :wink:

The build i use on flak is all about stacking as much damage into the rakks and grenades :wink:

Never bothered with Moze so not sure how to utilize a guardian angel on her (does it work while in IB? Iron cub feels like a bad choice)

I haven’t played in months though (bought D2R and not regretting making the transition) ever since M2.0 i hardly enjoyed playing this game (seeing how budget builds can even destroy end game killed it for me)