Best spot to farm Yelllow Looot Ghosts?/?

Trying to get fearmonger, any good places where yellow loot ghosts spawn?? im tired of killing haunt…

I would also like to know for the “An Eye for Quality Hecktosplosion” challenge. I have yet to encounter a single loot ghost.

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If you stay in heck hole but don’t drop down to fight haunt, you can try to go back to beginning to save and quit. New u station there will allow you to keep running the zone where ghosts are a higher percentage of mobs…


I found the loot ghosts naturally just playing, keep in mind you have to kill captain haunt 25 times so that’s 25 Hecktoplasm runs, and 25 heck runs.

So basically I would run Konrads hold, voracious canopy, Athenas, and Lectra city for the Hecktoplasm (and some legendaries since those areas have a lot of badasses) on TVHM M3, and I would just randomly encounter loot ghosts. I finished that challenge around my 17th run of captain haunt.

Basically my point is to just do the rest of the challenges since the loot ghosts seem to spawn randomly and you’ll get it while your working on stuff.

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Just watched a video where In voracious canopy , by the waterfall in the ship is a great spot to farm for the shotgun and grenade. I’m gonna give it a whirl later.

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I got both the nade and shotgun just by doing athena over and over…

i was going to slaughter shaft to get the 25 items for maurice’s quest, which i got in the first two rounds and then i would leave

An Eye for Quality Hecktosplosion challenge was slow for me too, i only had 2, one from droughts when i farmed demonskaggin, one from jacobs estate from a mob prior to a rare there. i saw some youtubes on it, voracious canopy farm imo is not ideal and a long trip. another tuber suggested slaughter shaft. which i was going to, but instead of bailing in first two rounds i continued rounds 3 thru 5.

the yellow gold ghost heads came mostly in rounds 4 and 5, in four complete runs

i got bored with that, tried other zones like anvil got 1, went to lectra city got 3 to finish challenge

think i have done 11 capt haunt kills so far, never got one gold skull in that DLC area

I have gotten up to 4 a run on wayward tether, proving grounds