Best strategy for farming Monarch(Kill Kilavolt)?

Just curious, I just been working on farming some of the new weapons. I have good rolled sandhawks, Kaoson, and Yellowcake. All characters 57, was curious whats the best strat to kill Kilavolt, can be a real pain with his shield, hard to get crits. I was thinking of maybe Zane or Amara with SD for speed to zip behind him and get head shots.

Any tips?

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Dont use shock weapons and you can also shoot him in the groin for crits.

SD probably wont give you enough mobs to keep it going very long.

Easy way to get hard to crit bosses is to run a FL4k build with the pet taunts all enemies while action skill is going. The taunt seems to last even if the pet dies so easy to get behind or wherever you need to be to get those crit shots.

I havent tried with him but maybe Big Heads modifier …

What about like SD for movement speed to zip behind for crits?

If you have a The Transformer shield it will completely negate his home field advantage of having a shock floor arena. W/O fear of your shield going down just about any character should be able to handle him, provided you shoot his crotch for crits (Moxxi does kind of suggest this tactic when you talk to her prior to fighting Killavolt).

If you have flak use a yellowcake x2 with whatever damage anoint. Crit build save fade away for kneel. Go to the wall. Aim for chest itll go to bis nuts because of drop.

Yes his nuts. Once his shield is depleted. And hes marchinf immediately run to him and keep meeele’n his face. This will cause him to do other animations like pull out his gun or attack. This may cancel his dissapearing.

Once he kneels at anytime fadeaway splash him.

Or spam fadeaway as soon as you drop n splash might instantly take out bi2s shields into phase two march. Same deal.

Just hang back

If u have amara you can deplete his shield. Doesnt matter as long as hes around. Beat down a mob and let it live with less than 15% and slayer active. Ties that bind make shure hes linked and kill mob meele. Death.


I just aim for his face and spam dmg and pretend his shield doesn’t exist. because when his shield blocks enough dmg it will break and boss will fall to his knees for ~5 secs. I use a 300/90 cryo sandhawk vs his shield and a fire sandhawk for health, both bars gets deleted in ~3 secs.

Well I decided I would farm for new M10 yellowcake, I was using a 50/150 annoint and I really wanted the 300/90. I finally got one after like 5 hours of just farming Cartel and Not only doesit have 300/90 it has a x2 damage roll as well for lofty 40k x2 and 300/90. This makes serious short work of Killavolt, and well Im sure any other boss, specially with shield.


Transformer shield and Yellow cake Launcher. 80% of the time I drop him at the beginning of the fight as Moze.