Best Support Game you have played?

it’s a bit hard to play a good support since plenty of people don’t understand that her healing is different from Alani and miko, but when you find a team that undestands you can play a great support. what has been your best game as a full support Ambra?
I got this one over the weekend thanks to some team mates working around me and understading how Ambra works.

I went 18-0 one game. The score was pretty much like yours. An absolute destruction fest. They ended up quitting. i’m amazed they made it to surrender before any of them dropped. That’s what I see. Even people on my team. They die 2-3 times without killing anyone and they drop. I’ll be they are the ones thinking “we” suck… LOL

Those numbers are ridiculous. It looks like a matchmaking fail where an experienced team went up against a bunch of newbies and stomped the crap out of them. Certainly no indication of how good Ambra is at support imo.

I played Ambra in the open beta and mained her for a while after launch. She’s ok if you know what you’re doing. But they sure as hell over nerfed her and it’s aggravating when people make her out to be great. As it stands, she’s sub par compared to the other support options.