Best tactics and Builds and Loadouts for a PvP Oscar Mike

I have never played PvP until now. Always PvE games and I seem to do OK in them with “soldier characters”. Hell, guns is what I did in the real world for 25 years of my life.

And even though I am 62, I have had success because I use tactics, terrain, enemy weaknesses and KNOWLEDGE to offset my loss of the venerable “fast twitch.” (There was a day I had it…played college football…but those days are LONG gone!).

Soooooo…needless to say, I basically suck at PvP playing Oscar Mike. I do quite well with him statistics wise in PvE and carry my share of the team’s load. But PvP…I suck.

I am improving but I feel like I am missing something major with OM. Last night the other team had an Oscar Mike who just destroyed…18-3 kill ratio while I was 3-9. And his stats were at the TOP of his team.
And I virtually never saw the guy only to have him kill me…taunt me…and disappear.

I believe he was using some kind of combination of stealth and flanking tactics while his main team pushed. It was Overgrowth and it was quite a humbling and frustrating experience.


What are you PvP SUCCESSFUL OM’s using for Tactics, Helix Builds and Equipment Loadouts???

All suggestions most graciously appreciated.


I feel compelled to leave a reply so much I created an account to do so. When I first started playing OM I shared the same feeling as you. What am I doing wrong. I have to make this short in sweet because I’m at work, but I will at some point give a more descriptive and detailed reply. Oscar mike is my favorite character and there’s not much information on him. I think some think he’s to traditional or easy to play, but I’ve seen many failed OMs.

Helix build:
1: impact trigger
2: frag grenade
3: SCOPE. Period.
4: tactical espionage action
5: double tap
6: stealthily shield
7: high velocity ammo
8: embiggened boom
9: stealth savings.
10: concussion strike

1: damage reduction/reload speed (green) or shield with reload speed.
2: recoil reduction/reload speed (green)
3: reload speed/reload speed (blue)

Get to level 2 fast. This is when napalm kicks in and you can destroy minions. Leveling faster.

Help your teammates! You hit the nail on the head with saying stealth and flanking. See a teammate in trouble, stealth, run up behind enemy and hit them with a frag or unload some rounds to their face. Get the kill or assist. Stealth and reposition.

Don’t worry about kills, instead focus on not dieing, this may be obvious but until your more comfortable in pvp reduce the risk taking. Kills Will come with better timed grenades and air strikes.

OM is not very good 1v1 so until you start landing crits with your AR and have reload speed maxed. Don’t engage 1v1. Your not an assassin. Although engaging a wounded enemy’s is generally okay.

OM is not a KO King not saying you can’t do well but he excels in sustained damage more than burst damage so don’t be upset if you get a lot of assist. In fact that’s more of your objective. Your like the miko of the damage world assist, assist, assist. You’ll get some kills. Doesn’t matter who kills them, what matters is their dead and you and your buddies are alive. Like I stated before don’t worry so much about kills. Focus on assisting and staying alive. Damage dealt is an import one for u, strive to be on top. Even if you have 0 kills 0 deaths 0 assist and did 120k damage, u helped. Of course if your doing that much damage you’ll get assist and kills. That’s why I say focus on that instead of the actual kill. So stay alive, move, reposition and damage everything.

Use cover. Overgrowth has little walls in the main lane. Use them. Cover, shoot, cover, reload, shoot, repeat. Another important stat for you is damage recieved, position yourself wisely and reposition often and this stat will reflect. Stealthing in bewteen movements. It’s not just for escape.

Don’t be afraid to disengage, OM is kinda squishy do not wait till 50% health to reposition. Do it sooner. OM is fairly mobile use that to go from one cover spot to another. Pop ur stealth and help that rath that took the outside lane. Pop stealth again and go back to a cover position.

Let’s talk frag grenade. This was the first mistake I realized I was making. Again OM is not an assassin don’t expect to see an enemy away from the group and think a single frag will kill him. You’ll shoot ur grenade, they’ll exit the firery pit and kill u. Instead a frag should be used for only 3 reasons.
1, minions, ur one of the best wave clearers. Push ur self to kill more than anyone. The only characters that should kill more is thorn and orendi.
2, a finishing move, frags work wonders here. See someone fleeing with low health, launch a grenade in front of them. Boom kill.
3, zone control, nobody wants to stand in napalm. If the above options are not present use it logistically. Like the top of the stairs in echelon or the sniper post in overgrowth. That’ll keep them out.
Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying not to take pot shot at people with frages, of course that is a good tactic and should be utilized. You can hold a sniper post very well with frages and a scope. I know I’m repeating myself but ur not an assass just don’t go KO hunting via frag grenades. I see so many OM try that.
The only time a frag should be used to initiate (in a stand alone 1v1) is if someone has low health or ur helping a teammate.

OM is kind of a kill stealer, although this is not ur intent it happens helping teammates who strayed away from the group. U stealth swoop in and frag. Your intent is help your teammate get back to the push. You may go 5kills 0deaths and 13assist one game and the next go 18-3-0.

Target priority
1: minions
2: any teammate engaged in a 1v1
3: Miko, u must crit this guy
4: Montana, Toby easy criticals
5: turrets, after you get your scope this is implied with minions.

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Good data and thanks for taking the time to respond.

I incorporated a lot of your idea and am already improving. Teams I played on actually won today and I wound up 5 wins - 5 losses…

Still getting killed too often as I am still too aggressive. And I started having better situation awareness and am getting sniped less although any enemy Marquis seems to be my biggest problem.

I went with a slightly more expensive loadout…shield penetration and fire rate.

I actually only feel “weak” for the first 3 levels.

When I get Double Tap and Air Strike…I really add to the team.

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Marquis can defiantly be problem. Was for me a lot even still sometimes. This is where cover comes into play. Like you said awareness is key in this game, be aware of were your teammates are, were your enemy is and what level they are. A level 4 rath is fairly easy prey a level 5 though and keep ur distance.

Fire rate? I’ve never seen that on gear. Do you mean attack speed? Even if I’ve tried load outs with that exact set up. I’ve even gone skill heavy load out. But reload speed is what you want. Trust I’m almost yelling at my screen before my gear because the reload is slow. Fast reload helps you sustain more damage output, helps you secure kills and helps emensley on 1v1. The faster your reload, the more double tap your putting on your enemy.

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This is my gear loadout for OM. It’s pretty specific gear, but I like reload speed and attack speed on OM. I turn him into a bullet hose with napalm aoe, and focus my attacks on minion waves. That said, shoot anything that moves! Lol. Use his cloak to flank, drop a nade (preferably where the enemy players are grouping if possible) and retreat to give cover fire for your front line. The other option I spec for is using his cloak for when I’m in trouble to recharge my shields as quick as possible.

As far as his helix goes,

  1. Impact trigger
  2. Fragcendiary grenade
  3. Scope
  4. Back in a jiff
  5. Doubletap
  6. Stealthy shields
  7. High velocity ammo (mutation)
  8. Embiggened boom
  9. Ghost mode (mutation)
  10. Holy crap, space lasers

Level 1 & 2 are must have picks in my opinion. Level 5 & 7 have options for shield pen I’ll sometimes use depending on the enemy team composition. Kleese and ISIC are a pain without it! I don’t use shield pen gear very often because it’s effectiveness is subjective to that.

Hope that helps!

I think that the huge first comment covered a lot if not most of it, but…

  1. Mike is really good at being where ever he wants. He’s pretty fast and can be annoying to hit if he’s sprinting. Plus, cloak!

  2. You don’t need to use cloak defensively, you can use it to sneak up on people and suprise them with a grenade to the face and a hail of bullets.

  3. Mike’s attack damage can easily hit unnecessary high levels. Taking double Tactical rounds plus the 18% damage buff at lev 7 and gear I can hit 51 damage per round at lv.10. That’s a LOT. I say this because his reload speed is grea already so if you don’t think you need bonus reload speed go for straight damage.

  4. If you can, save your grenade as a finisher. People surprisingly often forget how much damage it does and don’t back off before their health drops low enough for it to finish them off.

  5. Airstrips are best saved for people who don’t expect it to be used. Don’t always expect it to kill but it is very good at breaking up an enemy team clusered. If you’remember good at leading you can catch people trying to flee and it’s AWESOME.

  6. With his level 5 and 7 upgrades Shield Pen on Mike can hit 85% (for the first 15 bullets anyway) without gear. Something to think about.

  7. Please, PLEASE, do not use the right option for lv.1 and 2. The former makes the frag much harder to use and the latter is incredibly inconsistent and therefore also makes the frag useless.
    Together? It’s sad. Really.

Almost forgot, just be as annoying as possible. Always be the uninvited guestate to all of the small scale engagements. Blow up their minions and their stuff. Cloak and run away if you don’t want to fight. Harass people with bullets at all distances. If the other team doesn’t hate you you’re doing it wrong. Remember to run away though. Just…don’t die.
Like the first guy said you’re like the Miko of damage. Jyou don’t need to be a better shot, you just need to shoot more bullets!
Okay not really still aim. Just don’t stop dealing damage whenever you can.

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I don’t think attack damage is worth its to little. Sounds nice but by level 4 or less all my gear is active. At that level you do 30 damage per hit add 8% that’s 32. If you hit all your shot (no one does) that’s only 60 damage. The same as two shots. One critical will trump that. Yet if u focus on reload speed youd be half way through ur next magazine. Critical is what u need and with reduced recoil and a scope, you’ll crit all day long. I use to have the same exact load out. I didn’t believe in reducing my recoil or having more than one reload speed. But now I’m so accurate and I reload faster than I blink. Costing far less.

It may be because I’m used to shard farming to get Foxtrot’s legendary every game (i play Foxtrot a lot. I mean just…a lot)
But the amount of shards I need to build all that gear is done by level 5 at most.
I’ll run reload, recoil, and attack speed as well, I just really enjoy seeing the ridiculous damage per bullet. The 18% buff at lv.7 means that Mike can deal more damage than Foxtrot can even with the same gear. Not including his passive of course.

All good stuff fellas…thanks.

Biggest thing I have come away with is…

Kill Bots!!

I think I am concentrating too much on trying to kill an enemy when I should be annoying the enemy and killing minions to level up quicker.

The reload/recoil thing intrigues me…I have some good gear for it but haven’t tried it…think I will.

Shield Penetration seems to really help in PvP whereas it feels useless in PvE.

Gonna see if I can work that into a loadout as well.


:dukeaffirmative: And build stuff.

OK…a couple of weeks and I am improving.

I still stick my nose in too much and die more than I should…but I usually average 2-3 deaths now…compared with 7 or 8 when I started.

Kills are few and far between maybe 1-3 per game…sometimes none…but I usually get 5-7 assists.

Total damage dealt is very high and I am usually in the top two as a bot killer.

Still don’t feel like I have found the right gear combo for me. Have alternated with a Balanced Recoil/Reload/Critical Hit loadout vs a Attack Speed/Shield Pen Loadout…both about the same results but I do more overall damage with the 2nd loadout.

BIGGEST improvement for me was movement…movement is life in this game and I am jumping around like a wild man now. I also am quicker to use stealth and pay better attention to my health.

What I don’t understand is that I rarely see an enemy Oscar Mike until all of a sudden they are dropping Air Strike and have leveled up faster than me…yet I have NOT seen them killing bots or anywhere near the front lines for that matter…

How are these guys leveling up faster than me? I am fairly close to the front and killing bots like a mad man.

I still suck…but some games I’m even decent…even though those games are still few and far between.

PS…Oh and for those folks saying BB is dead on the PC, I would have to totally disagree based on my experience.

  1. Longest I have waited to get into a match was 2 min 30 seconds and I have been going into matches at all times both day and night.
  2. The quality of the play and the players is quite good for the most part
  3. I have played with a BUNCH of folks at less than level 10 recently

Gear is just an extension of your play style. You have to find what works for you. I only suggested a heavy reload speed load out because I’ve yet to see any one mention it. And I love it. Glad to hear you feel like your improving though. 2-3 deaths is completely respectable. 5-7 assist, work on that a little. Help your mates. Minion kills are important for you. Only thorn and orendi should beat u. Remember building turrets and such grants XP. Don’t forget about thralls! Their good XP, if u die or fast travel back to base u should always return with a thrall. If u have shards buy an elite bot right after capturing a thrall, this will help with the teams push. Sounds like your on the right track, keep evaluating yourself. Maybe spend a day playing as miko, knowing his perspective and what he needs to do will help u understand how to help him, help you.

The other player who was out leveling you behind the scenes might be buying and upgrading every turret, thumper, accelerator, and supply station possible. It’s a tough choice sometimes to be out on the front lines or doing shard runs, and then to decide whether to unlock your gear or work on leveling by buying up turrets and such. And as said above, thralls and elite minion bots also add XP.

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Someone’s been bad!

Attention all units!

That is an imposer…er… impostor above…

Damn, I screwed that up!


What? someone took Mike before he did. Always good to have a backup character if that happens.