Best Taunts in Big Head Rumble

What are your guys’ favourite taunts to use in Big Head Rumble? Orendi’s “Up Close and Personal” gives new meaning to the phrase “I’m inside your skull” and Ghalt’s “Tactical Retreat” becomes hilarious.

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I’ll just leave this here… :wink:

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Ernest’s “The Display” trumps all. Close thread.



I thought you’d be for that one where Toby leans out and yells at the viewer.

It’s okay… Buy look at Ernest’s eyes…

ISIC is the best in this mode. Hands down hilarious. It makes him weak but so much fun. This was one of your best ideas Gbx, I love things like this. Little quirky modes and tweaks are the best

My fav big head taunt is Phoebes “Point Gauche”.
It’s like a up close jump scare!

Beatrix’s maniacal laughter one. I forget what it’s called.