Best team for Digistruct Peak run?

A Siren is a given. Maybe even 2? Sniper Zero or melee? Sal?

What is the best team-setup for a full crew running up the Peak?

Maya, Sal, Axton, Krieg. But that’s just my opinion.

Or all Sal’s with team ammo regen. Flood your enemies in a never ending ocean of bullets.


man… just…man

That’s a lotta bullets.

3 Sirens one Assassin with Pimpernel.
4 Commandos for turret madness.
4 Gunzerkers.
3 Sirens one Psycho.
4 Assassins with different playstyles (Sniper, Melee, Gunslinger)
4 Mechromancers

The four vanilla Vault Hunters?

2 Sirens, 2 Zeros. 1 cat, 1 siren, 2 killers. Constant slag and phaselock for grouping of enemies, +114% criticals for everyone. B0re takes care of the rest.


oooooooooo, I like that one.

used to run op8 digi all the time as Zer0 while my buddy was cat Maya. We literally would just walk through, so I’d imagine more crit bonus and slagging/grouping would only make it easier.

actually the best team setup is two. with two players at op8 the difficulty hits a sweet spot and your buddy as your back. at three or four dp gets nastier.

i say this after leveling people with sal. one person in tow is fine two is noticably more work op6 and up. the exception would be a maya would help balance things.

Hmmmmmmmm, I never thought about this. Makes perfect sense.

Kinda contradicts what is shouted out about the Peak: It’s built for a full 4 player team.

Four Gunzerkers… like you had any doubt about it.

Two Zer0s.

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Gunzerker’s weakness on the peak are the surveyors.

Which instinctively makes me want to include Maya for phaselock and res.

Then I’d say a Zero or a Krieg specced into melee.

Next I think Axton would be very useful for his double slag turrets (also helping out against surveyors).

That’s my dream team for this. Sal, Maya, Zero (or Krieg), Axton.

I’ve heard a lot about those pesky surveyors. I think Maya would be a definite need for those little boogers.


back to wall wait for them, or maim an enemy and wait for them.

Often enough 1 or 2 surveyors survive after everything else and grief me. Even being highly aware of their nuisance I still can get screwed by them. Multiple ways, either they kill me, or they go get stuck in a rock (where I can’t hit them). At the very least they can end up circling around and wasting my time for 5 to 10 minutes. The AI should have been tweaked for these guys. Their behavior once they have nothing to heal is not very fun in the game.

Gaige also can slay the Surveyors really easy if she has skilled Close enough and a fibber. Just look at the compass, where the red point is. Then look at the point and shoot on the ground. Rest will do Close enough and Fibber´s passive.
Maybe you need some experience with that but it works really fine.

And also a nice team is Maya together with Gaige. Always do it with a friend of mine. Just get some anarchy stacks before starting the run for a higher damage and let Maya support her.

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I really like Axton, Gaige and Maya thogeter. A nice add for the team would be Zer0 because of B0re, Kunai and sniping/bodyguarding Maya.

a maya,a sal and any other 2 as tourists