Best three player combos

My two friends and I are looking to start over from scratch, and eventually maxing out our characters/farm the invincibles.

What do you think is the best character combination for three players to most effectively beat the game/farm?

We are thinking of going Axton, maya, and salvador.


Maya is a must have.

Axton has a Pet to toss out to get the attention and fire from bad guys.

The only thing left is a damage guy:
Sal-another up close and personal guy
Zero-close up or far away damage
Kreig- close up

You’re welcome. :smiley:

Axton, Gaige and Maya.
Zer0, Zer0 and Maya.

Maya, Krieg and Gaige or Maya, Gaige and Salvador…

Krieg, Krieg and Krieg.

Maya can play with any VH provided she’s specced properly, so your other two options are entirely up to you. Note that a BXR Krieg and a Gaige with blood soaked shields might fight each other for kills, but even they can co-exist.

proper spec: converge, rez,. everything else is buffs to converge or rez.

And i agree, gaige and krieg work fine together, players only need to understand the other’s skills and not step on each other.

In my experience, that usually results in 2 dead Kriegs and a bunch of burning enemies.

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Dunno, I don’t play co-op very often xD

I have found that Gaige and Axton are a great combo throw Maya in there and thats a pretty solid team. When me and my friends run bosses its Gaige, Maya, Axton, and Sal works out well.

two maya’s and a krieg. grab an enemy, phaselock him, everything gets pulled toward him and slagged, krieg axes his head off and the resulting bloodsplosion kills everything. the other maya is to do it more.

Two Salvadors and a Maya. Or two Mayas and a Salvador.


Sounds dirty :stuck_out_tongue:

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Three Zer0s. Anything else is inferior.


Maya, Phaselock and an SMG

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[quote=“Cowthulhu46, post:13, topic:359527”]two maya’s and a krieg.[/quote]Also, Restoration overrides Fuel the Rampage, so you get its effect without suffering the friendly fire damage penalty. And with any of them wielding a Shamfleet combo, Krieg’s health should never crash.

In general, tho, just two Mayas are devastating. It’s bad enough when one Siren can play catch with Longbow Quasars and Phaselock, but two? Your target’s feet will almost never touch the ground…again…-ish.

Other than that, at least one Maya and any combination of Axton/Gaige/Maya/Salvador.

Try playing with a Sub, Ruin, Converge, Sweet Release Maya. Both Deathtrap and Krieg can really go to town because of the health they get from Maya. And everything around is slagged. Just make sure at least one player goes after the phaselocked enemies as fast as possible. You can get 3-4-5 converges, a ton of health, and a buttload of slag out of the Phaselock. Sweet release will also heal Thoughtlocked enemies, which is a bad thing tho.

My wife plays a Maya like this and it’s so much easier playing as Krieg with her than solo. I screw up my RtB sometimes, but it’s worth it not having to see the New-U station 3 or 4 times a game.