Best time to buy season pass - Predictions Please : D

Looking to buy the season pass at some point and curious when people think it might come on sale. I have no knowledge of when that might be, but maybe the collective wisdom of the crowd will be correct : P

  • January 2020
  • February 2020
  • March 2020
  • 3 months from now
  • 6 months from now
  • 1 year from now
  • Never

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Depending on the platform you play try to bookmark it and keep an eye out on it. Possible chance it could go on sale on DLC2 but I never seen Season Pass go on sale before

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Stop pre-ordering content. It’s killing gaming in general. Buy the DLCs when they come out if you want them.


BL3 is the last content I pre-order. I had been doing it less over time already because I been burned too many times. However, I was still doing it for titles I “trusted” but that hasn’t worked out well for me, either.

BL3 is a case in point. I thought it was a safe enough bet to pre-order but in hindsight I would have rather waited and bought the edition with pass included a couple months after release when it went on steep discount. The game has been a buggy mess and was not worth 100 bucks at release IMO.

I may not even buy any games at release ever again. The state of gaming is so bad that it’s become a joke that games release in such a sorry state and considering how expensive games are at release it’s just not worth it. Best to just wait until after release and if the reviews justify a purchase buy the game when it first goes on sale. Maybe if enough do that these gaming companies will stop taking gamers for granted.


Pretty much this.

Ever since I bought Destiny 2 I thought I’d have a great experience even though I never play Bungie games before to know if they’re awesome devs in my opinion. After a year and months I kinda got frustrated how they approach loot and item hoarding by nerfing it. Farmers like me get slap in the face just because hoarding stuffs before next season is bad? I gave up with Bungie.

Anthem… oh god no… thankfully I pre-order the standard edition. I seen youtubers praising that game would be “Destiny-killer” and how it so much better to move around in Iron Man like Javelins. Never heard of BioWare and well… they nerf loot and got so stingy with it. Also BW went MIA with updates for a long time after few months the game came out. I felt pretty angry after that.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection came free on June 2019 and I heard a lot of people saying good stuffs about Borderlands so I got 2 and TPS for free. I already falling in love with those games. Even if TPS is lacking it still got me pretty hype with what it has. Especially with lesser rng involved with legendaries and grinder exist if I wanna dump 2-3 legendaries to get 1 brand new legendary.

Heard this game, BL3 on pre-order so I figure Gearbox did a fantastic job in making me happy with their games so I sink $100 in their pre-order, knowing I’ll get tons of enjoyment… well…

Here I am now. Pretty sad with this game. Too much rng, no fair dedicated loot in high Mayhem settings, annointeds not plentiful, Takedown is scaled by 4 people by forced and not an option to be solo if one can choose so in settings, Halloween event was murder with the Ghosts everywhere, there was an annointed event that lasted 2 days before Terror annointeds polluted what little Annointed event left.

sigh. I’m not going pre-order nothing anymore. Even if I believe a game dev does me no wrong. Maybe I’m just a broken down pone but I wish things were better with how devs handle gaming

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The best time was months ago. Pre-ordered it. No regrets. Best game in the series so far.

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It’s sad, but true… and when we pre-order games, we are telling game developers “it’s ok, we will continue to buy your products based on a promise, a hope, that you will one day make them fully playable”. This is a joke… we can see by now that, over and over again, game companies take your pre-order money and leave you with a mess of a game. It’s time to start saying “present us with a finished, quality product and then we will buy it. No money in advance”.


Never pre-order any thing it takes away the sellers motivation to supply a good product if they have your money before you have the product it’s the same for any thing in life you don’t pre-order houses cars fridges tv’s again once you give them the money all they have to do is deliver the bare minimum product they already have your money they have no incentive to earn it

If you are on PC, I suggest option 8: Wait till the game is out on Steam!

As a general comment:

The best time to buy the season pass is when you’re ready to play it. If you’re enjoying the game then go ahead and buy it now because it’s just going to be more of the same. If you’re not liking the game then don’t buy it because it’s just going to be more of the same.


Some day I’d like to play all the DLC so when I see a steam sale on a rainy weekend I’ll pick it up and play it. The DLC at the moment, however, just can’t provide me with any ongoing entertainment the core game doesn’t provide already. On top of that they just announced UVHM which means anything I do in the near future is going to get wiped away anyhow so… Why bother when the ultimate goal of Gearbox is simply to marginalise any progress I make in the endgame?

If stuff actually dropped at a decent rate then wiping the slate clean isn’t a huge deal. This new system they’re running though… It’s getting to be a joke.

We’ve had a couple of updates now with Maliwan Blacksite, Mayhem 4 and the Casino. These are supposed to be refreshing gear and giving us new things to chase when we’re starting to run out of existing stuff but… Most of us are nowhere near needing the item refresh. Now they’re saying they’re seeing a need to wipe the slate clean with UVHM?

I’m happy for the people that are enjoying BL3 but what Gearbox is doing is bordering on lunacy. They’re so worried about conceptual possibilities for problems they’re strangling their own game to avoid them in the face of common sense. They have everything they need now to show them that they can afford to be more generous with loot based on the spacing of new content but they’re going to remain stingy AND take away people’s progress? :thinking:

I wouldn’t be surprised if a level cap increase is what kills the long-term viability of new DLC for the game to be honest.

Best times to get season pass for content?

2 options really IMO.

  1. When you buy the game because often there is either already a version that includes it either at a discounted rate or provides additional things as bonuses with the bundle. Also some retailers or outlets discount a season pass if bought at the same time as the game if said bundles or special editions don’t exist.

  2. When it is on sale. Likelihood of it launching on steam on sale. IMO low. More likely Epic will have a sale and include BL3 in that sale at that time doing something similar to their mega sale where they provided the sale discount via fortnite money so the publisher/developer still got the normal price.

Imo, season passes are the cancer of gaming. I already paid full price for your game, and now you want me to pay more for future content that may/may not be worth it? No thanks. I just buy dlc piecemeal when it looks really good or it’s on sale. Granted it’s more expensive that way (if you buy all dlc) but you’re talking about a few dollars stretched over about a year. It’s hardly a noticeable discount.