Best time to do DLCs?

I am at level 43 on my first Zer0 and have all the DLCs and Headhunter Packs.

When would be a good time to do TVHM DLCs??

After completion of TVHM or should I run a few now for the XP and special uniques?

If so…which do you recommend??

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You generally don’t want to level up too much beyond level 50 on TVHM because that’s where the gear caps and if you are way over that level with level 50 gear when going for UVHM it’ll not be nice until you manage to gather on level gear again.

I’d say feel free to do them at any point but you might want to save picking up a couple of quests until having killed the Warrior / hitting level 50 for the rewards scaling to that level. Most notably “don’t copy that floppy” in Scarlet’s, which awards you a Pimpernel. A slag pimpernel is pretty much the most efficient slagging tool around while getting one of the other elements might be a good killing tool up until around level 60.

Other than that I wouldn’t be too worried about quest rewards. There’s some good gear but I’d mainly want that Pimp at level 50 and not worry too much about anything else.


Treat Zer0 like you would Axton, John: he suffers from the diminishing returns on low-level equipment as well, but it can be more pronounced on him. I’d wait until UVHM to do the DLCs unless you want a Rapier.


My standard leveling routine on all characters is to do one DLC in the level 30-35 window between killing the Warrior in NVHM and visiting Captain Flynt in TVHM. Whether the DLC is in NVHM or TVHM doesn’t really matter, especially if it’s Tina or Hammerlock. :slight_smile:

Since you’re already at 43, that’s less tidy. Either you drop the story for now and go do a DLC (or maybe just a couple of headhunter packs, just to be safe), coming back overleveled for a while and hoping you didn’t miscalculate and hit 51 before entering UVHM, or you try to finish TVHM well under 50 to leave room for a DLC, or you ignore DLCs until UVHM and make do with extra side-quests in the main game.

As for doing a DLC for gear, that doesn’t enter into my calculations at all, since any such gear will quickly be obsolete anyway. For me it’s just about adding some variety to the endless repetition of the main story…

So I guess the TL;DR is “do whatever you think you’ll enjoy most”, which is always sound advice. :smiley: