Best time to use G-Keys?

Do the Golden Chest drops scale with character level? When is the best time to open this bad boy up?

I haven’t gotten to the place to use them in BL3 yet, but in the other games I played I found that there is no reason to horde them, just use one or two every few levels to upgrade some gear.

The thing is that as time goes on, they will drop more and more codes for them, so you will likely be able to get more, so there is no reason to horde them. Besides in a game based on getting loot, getting everything just from keys would make it sort of boring. As the game just came out I assume Shift codes will hardly be rare for a long time to come.

I’d mostly just make sure you have a key or two in reserve to help a new character while leveling.

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The weapon drops from the golden chest do not scale as you level up.

Unlike BL2, legendaries CAN spawn in the chest in this game. If you want to maximize your chances, the logical thing to do would be to use the golden keys when you are level 50 and with mayhem mode turned on (not sure if the loot drop % and increased anointed chance affects the chest but it can’t hurt).

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Alright, Thanks!

Given that the golden chest can drop both anointed and legendary gear, the optimal time to use it would be once you reattain max level following a level cap bump. This will jump start the grind.

Sub-optimal, but viable uses:

  • When you stall out on progression due to under-leveled loot (though slots work for this as well)
  • Level 50 gear (but I would just farm as you don’t know what future content holds)
  • Rotate some gear so you can sell the worse guns for cash (or you can farm)
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