Best toon for solo play

Just got around to looking at various vids on build outs gadgets etc. I played Axton throughout all of BL2 largely due to simplicity. I know many have studied the new characters in great detail and wondered what opinions were on the best toon for mostly solo play. I originally liked Moze and the concept of iron bear but then watched gameplay of Zane’s shield ability and cloning which might be an advantage in solo play. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Honestly, if you’re a fan of Axton I’d say go with Zane or FL4K. Having a constant pet with FL4K is pretty great in theory and their skills are fairly straightforward compared to Zane’s dependence on Kill Skills. Moze is more akin to Sal from BL2 so if you were an Axton person, I’d imagine another character might feel better.

I will say that if survivability is what you’re interested in. Both Zane and FL4K are pretty similar except Zane has a shield and a target dummy whereas FL4K primarily has a target dummy (pet) and health regen. Depends on what you prefer. Health or shield. IDK that’s the simplest I can put it without going into a 3 page rant about skills and speculations.

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Good points Jordan… I guess Fl4K’s pets are more similar to the Turret feature on Axton for solo play. I like Moze but iron bear has to be manned more or less which wouldnt benefit much in solo play. Seems like Zane would require a bit more tactical play solo.

The best toon to play is the one that best matches your preferred play style. You may need to try them all at least some before you figure that out. Generally, though, all past characters have been playable solo. Granted, some have a steeper learning curve than others, but I’ve played them all solo; I’m pretty confident that Gearbox will have made sure this is possible with the new roster as well.


FL4K’s pet also has a skill that allows him to revive you which would be super helpful in solo play. And they have 4 different skills that give health regen! Plus, if you use the Fade Away ability, you regenerate even more health while you’re invisible. Also, they have a skill that allows your pet to take damage instead of you when you’re at low health. Crazy amount of survive-ability.

I agree with what you are saying, buuuuut that doesn’t exactly negate a “best” from an at least semi objective standpoint as well. Granted there could be certain item combo’s that drastically change things, but I think off the bat Fl4k still has some pretty strong points going for them as the “best” in solo play, at least depending on the build.

Having a constantly active pet with the ability to bring you out of second wind is pretty huge. I can’t count the number of times a dot or something else has managed to kill me right after I killed the last enemy around. Or that the enemies scattered behind something where I just couldn’t shoot them.

That and their fairly ridiculous potential healing seem to give them at least a minute edge in the solo department. Not that everyone else won’t still be perfectly viable. But lets face it, there is “perfectly viable” and then there is Salvador with a grog nozzle haha.

True, Zane also has the ability to sacrifice his clone for a rez, but it’s not like actually having a companion on the field. I would argue that Burst Aid is leagues better than Fade Away (at least mathematically) if you can keep aggro on your pet.

Ultimately, it’s up to preference. FL4K for if you don’t wanna feel like you’re solo and Zane for if you do. That’s just my 2 cents on the subject. Personally, I like the idea of Amara solo because of a small amount of RP. The lone Tiger searching for a worthy fight.

Solo efficacy in the BL franchise has a few key predictors. Among those are space management, escape tool(s), and/or tank ability. Unless you pack one in to an extreme level (Grog Harold Sal), you do well to find a bit of each.

Fl4k has space management and escape options via their pet and/or Fade Away. They have an escape button option (Fade Away) that buys enough time for their considerable health regen options to work. The package presented is substantial.

Zane has space management tricks, escape button (swap with clone), and plenty of shield regen and health regen.

I play almost exclusively solo, and will be starting out with Zane. I don’t think you can go wrong between them or Amara. Moze is the only one who gives me pause, due to her lack of health maintenance options. Shield skills are certainly there, but the red bar matters, too.


That’s a good point about Amara being viable also. I think she has great potential because she has tons of CC and damage potential. Her grip and elemental skills will destroy most enemies faster than I think other VH’s will be able to do. And if they’re incapacitated they can’t fight back, ha. But it will be interesting to see.

Moze would have been great if Iron Bear was able to be deployed as some form of pet/ turret. The survivability factor is huge during solo play obviously which if one looks at Fl4k and his pets simply allows for more coverage and the revival factor. I haven’t studied Zane enough which clearly I need to. I’m intrigued that I’m hearing many are playing him first. Seemed as if Fl4k was the go to based the limited comments I’ve seen outside of this forum.

I might be uninformed but I thought there was a skill that made it basically a sentry? Did that change or am I delusional and that never existed?

Imo…Amara has everything you need in a class.

Great damage
Health Regen
Health Steal
Probably the best damage resistance in the game
(Helping hands)
Crowd Control

Only weakness she has is her action skill…but honestly you dont even need it.

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Actually my mistake I believe it can be used as a sentry. Ultimately though it seemed, by design, Moze was more for multiplayer use. Admittedly I am no expert in this topic.

If You want to see amara in action at end game proving grounds there is new video on Youtube from lv.50 melee build.

Just saw it. Not quite comfortable with a melee build but with the amount of health steal, health regen, and damage reduction Amara imo is as close to unkillable as you can get. I also like that they used a a Rough Rider shield. I was planning on using one also for my Amara build…just amazing synergy with the health skills from the Brawl tree.

I might be uninformed but I thought there was a skill that made it basically a sentry?

The skill is Auto Bear in the blue tree. It last for 15 seconds.
The other skill is probably the Dakka Bear in the green tree.

Was just watching a good video by MrMattyPlays on you tube called “ BL3: is solo a viable option” good input for those looking to play individually.

I’d say Fl4k for early to mid game… good dmg reduction, pet & hp regen early on…

Amara Status build can get 20% lifesteal which is huge & scales better than what Fl4k is capable of & Samsara Stacks for huge hp regen… aaalso tons of bonus hp/dmg reduction… but a little reliant on good & lowish cooldown actionskills for Samsara Stacks & high uptime dmg reduction.

Zane has an insane clone & shield build with theoretically no downtime! But lots of micromanagement (swap with clone, position, freezing).

Moze got that Shield build going, but im not sold on that one yet… might be extremely good (and reliant) on item mechanics to get that shield back with critical kills.

I will roll Fl4k first with focus in green & blue tree for pet damage & hp regen.
Second char will be a (non melee) Samsara build with status & aoe, really looking forward to that one!

I’m worried that the pet damage skills will be a complete waste of skill points. In all the vids I’ve watch so far it seems FL4K can kill enemies far faster by just shooting them than by waiting for their pet to get a few melee hits in. They seem much better as just distraction/aggro devices rather than actual damage dealers. I think I’ll just make them tanks and do the damage myself.

That’s how I’m playing Fl4k. Megevore, 2 Fang, and Fade away are broken…especially on PC. Just give him an Unforgiven Pistol and the game is over.