Best Torgue pistol for Nisha?

Just finished the badass found on holodome first try thanks to a combination of frigida (underleveled) and a torgue pistol (with OfEoY). Due to this ever lovely combination, I was wondering what the best parts torgue pistol would be for such things. I’d imagine a double penetrating but wanted to hear opinions before I started searching. I’d auto say the 88 fragnum but I dunno how high the fire rate goes, which seemed rather important in the holodome.

The Fragnum is just plain bad: 3x the ammo consumption for 1.2x the damage and slower bullets ? no thanks.

Purple slapper, all torgue parts, with damage accessory (that would be the hard prefix) would be the best IMO

Forget the double prefix, you’ll run out of ammo in no time

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