Best torgue pistol for rad gamma build

Which torgue pistol should I farm for? I’m currently farming for the Craps because of its ammo capacity and ease of farming it.

Is there another torgue pistol that might be as good as if not better than the Craps in your opinions?

There is no better pistol from torgue. The issue is you have to be close or all the stickies dont connect in time for detonation upon reload if your medium range.


Maybe the Devils Foursum, you can rad yourself with the large splash radius to activate your elemental proyector, it’s the best option for rad gamma burst build. Aside from it, not much else.
It drops from the psychobillies.

Honestly the craps is one of your best bets I’d try for that pistol version of the scourge that Troy drops if you wanna try a second option. I love that thing and can’t remember the name lol.



The Carbuncle in radiation would also be a good selection for this build.

Devil’s Foursom and Occultist are nasty. Foursom is super underrated imo.