Best torgue shotgun?

what is the best torgue shotgun in bl2 I’m planning on doing a torgue alliegence build

For general use, you would want a find a Ravager. They only come in blue or purple rarity and the reason why is very obvious once you start firing it… :sunglasses:

The Flakker takes some practice to use and has limitations on its range but it’s very strong once you learn how to use it.

While leveling a Pounder or Hulk will serve you well enough.

i do like the ravager i wish it had higher accuracy as for the flakker only way ill ever use one is on my fragtrap on bl tps.

If you like mid range, there is always the Swordsplosion!

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i do love my swordsplosion

Ravagers are great
The Flakker requires a bit more getting used to but it’s the most powerful by far
The Swordsplosion is VERY good but it has 2 flaws: you need to get a casual prefix and you can kill yourself with it if you’re not careful. The upsides far outweight the downsides though
And finally, the Pounder is a great balance of power to ammo consumption, very underrated shotgun. [quote=“PeterL2014, post:3, topic:1092651”]
i do like the ravager i wish it had higher accuracy
[/quote] Definitely try a pounder then.

If Axton I would say SWORDSPLOSION because if I remember right the little swords that come out after the first impact are buffed by his grenade skills. If anyone else I would say Ravager with either the accuracy or crit prefix.

i have the casual swordsplosion, will farm the torgue vendor for a decent ravager . also what do u guys think of the carnage

Not a huge fan of the Carnage myself, it’s a pain to farm and it sucks when you get one without the Casual prefix.

It’s good for Bloodbath-centric Psychos although a casual could be overkill at mobbing while bloodbath is up.

Never tried it with Krieg but I guess I should since I’ve been playing around with a Bloodsplosion / Mania build

Don’t waste your time with the carnage

I wasn’t real impressed when I tried it with Axton

i have a casual carnage but have not really used it much

It’s not really great but Krieg is the one that gets the most out if it due to the guaranteed Bloodbath proc on kill although I still prefer the Swordsplosion.