Best Transformer farm, Freddie or Killavolt?

Been on Killavolt for a few days and know dedicated drops are poop right now so i guess i’m asking if Freddie would be better? Or has anyone had any success anywhere else? This sucks right now!

I’ve gotten 3 from Gigamind.

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Interesting, in what time frame?

The raid. I run it on tvhm M4. Usually have good drops. Seen lots of Tranformers. That’s also where I got both my annointed ones.

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Actually that’s what i’m gearing up for. I have an anointed but not one i need. Wonder if the drops are good on a lower mayhem in it?

Much less drops in lower mayhems. Especially annointed legendaries.

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What system are you playing?


Dang. Ps4 here. Try the trade section. I’m sure someone could get you one.

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Oh wow, thanks anyway man! Was thinking of that but saw a lot of people already asking so figured i’d try myself. Will i guess when i get fed up with this.

Also if you can do the Slaughter shaft on M4 you can get a bunch of legendaries. I did a run last night that dropped 35. Lots of Annointed gear as well.

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He was my go to farm for ease of use so it’s a fair amount. He seems to drop in waves, lots of shields, artifacts, etc.

Really have’t tried him lately so i’ll check him out, thanks.

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I was farming on M4, but he’s a quick kill even there.

Who were you using?

what sort of transformer you after?

Just an ase with any element damage.

In my experience farming Freddie and Killavolt, they both have the same abysmal rate of dropping Transformers in Mayhem 4.

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I’m finding this out as my first real farm in this game. Gearbox has some adjusting to do.

I think i have some non annointed ones in my storage. I am on xbox and would be happy to give you one if i still have them in there.

GT: Aggitated Yeti

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