Best Transformer farm, Freddie or Killavolt?

I’m actually using one but trying to get an anointed with damage ase. But i really appreciate the offer anyway.

Coolio no worries =)

Are you maybe willing to trade one of those anointed transformers? ive been looking for one for over a month now, but ive had no luck trying to farm one on my own.

Drop your c0cks and grab your socks

Cool! I knew about takedown but hadn’t read this yet. Thanks.

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I should point out that Giga has yet to drop an annointed Transformer for me…

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On m4?

No sorry. Got two toons. Both running one.

Yep. Unfortunately, still use it since it’s one of the better overall shields.

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Killavolt by a mile. He is insanely quick to farm, you don’t even need to save/quit. Just kill yourself and repeat (i’d get rid of your millions of dollars first). Best part of said strategy is you keep your current modifier.

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Isn’t the transformer a quest reward too?


For typhons robots. They have a mission that is the reward for it.

Looks like from tomorrow night on him and i will have a talk then. :wink: