Best tree to level in

Is the Greater good tree a good tree to start leveling in? I figured after that I would go down free enterprise. Does that sound like a good game plan?

I would suggest the “Hero of This Story” Tree first and then respec and go into the Greater Good tree once you have enough points to max a tree, because none of those skills really make sense until you get the capstone. After the middle tree I would go back to Hero and pick up five points back into Best Foot Forward before going down the right tree. After maxing mid and right finish it by going up to Jack’s Cache in the left then throwing other points around until ur done.

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Hero of this story is great for having your minions do the heavy lifting but I would at least go through teamwork in greater good. Teamwork will make sure that you can survive near any encounter if you play smart and micro-manage your jacks. Honestly, I think you can do whatever you want for leveling once you have teamwork and best foot forward, but as @Hoyle4 mentioned, once you have enough points to pick up leadership you should respec to get that because it’s where jack’s powers truly lie. I also like potential right below it for capitalizing on the whole invincible nature the class is known for.

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Ok guys I will try your suggestions.Thanks for your quick responses :smile: