Best Tubby/Chubby Farming option?

Hey guys i was wondering if anyone had a good option for farming Tubbied/Chubbies in TVHM. I am currently a level 53 Psycho and want the sickle(sorry if i spelt that wrong) class mod. I heard a good way to farm is to go behind Ellies place and go through the junkyard for Chubby/Tubby spiderants. Ive done this several times over and no luck. Any suggestions? (XBOX ONE GT: EmerladStorm742)

Arid Nexus is a good place to farm Tubby Skags.

Both Badlands and Boneyard?

Badlands is the easiest. Just work your way around in a counter-clockwise run and you will come across packs of Skags. I also found that the Marcus’ DLC is pretty good, farming the loot train.

ok thank you very much

Are you looking for this?

If so you can only get it in UVHM at level 62+ from Tubby enemies.

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o really wow thanks for the help, didnt realize i couldnt get it in TVHM

Happy to help.

As far as your original question goes, the front and back of Ellie’s Garage is where I’ve had the most luck overall when Tubby hunting.

Ive had some luck farming tubbys in wildlife preserve. Stalkers and skags. Got 4 in one run one time. Add in the loot midgets and its not bad.

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