Best tubby farming spots?

i’ve been farming behind ellie’s garage and in caustic caverns . are there other spots easy to farm ?

I’ve had decent luck with finding Tubby Skags under Doc mercys location


I like Frostburn for Tubby farming. There are a couple good loops with a lot of separate spider ant packs. Have gotten 3-4 tubbies in more than a few single runs.

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I usually drive all over dust and behind Ellies or drive all around Three Horn before taking a crack at Doc Mercy. I’ve had the most luck though in the area way in the back behind Ellies where the Black Queen spawns. Seems every 3-4 runs there’s at least one there and in back to back runs this morning I actually had 2 spawn.

Funny thing is I always get really giddy when I see one and no matter what else is on the battlefield I just can’t help myself and focus all my attention on it. Love those little tubbys!!!


i’ve been farming them for ages and I got all legendary class mods except the one I need… a mechromancer class mod

Which class mod is it that you need? If you’re on PC I might have one somewhere.

Also, Hallowed Hollow is my vote for a Tubby farming spot.

Arid Nexus - Badlands is my favorite place for tubby farming. Three good chests as well.

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I’m on ps3 so that won’t work :smile: thanks anyway

I know some people like to use the Halloween headhunter DLC and Thousand cuts as well

Where do tubbys spawn in Thousand Cuts?

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F*** me I zoned out and started thinking about LLMs.

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Lol…no problem, was just really hoping there were because I love Thousand Cuts!

Yup, totally agree. Arid Badlands No.1, and Arid Boneyard is also really quick.

My entire Tubby route starts in Arid, Arid, Three Horns, Frostburn, Dust. Tag all this into a Sawtooth run after clearing the boxes = hours of entertainment :smile:

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Definitely Frostburn Canyon. I’ll run through till I hit Scorch, go through the cave on the right, come back out and go to the Bandits, hit the chest there, then go to the last Bandits and the chest there. There’s also a chance for LLMs to spawn. I’ve had them multiple times from the chest.


Haunted Hollow, of course I use Rough Rider Maya and a Norfleet for farming so that makes it faster. Sometimes I will do Frostburn and Dust too. And the natural Selection Annex first round, but you have to kill yourself before you complete it.