Best vehicle to use in the Knoxx DLC?

Loaded up BL1 today and took Lilith for a phasewalk or two - it’s been too long. Discovered that I had a few odds and ends to tie up in Knoxx DLC but, despite being over-levelled, I’m having a terrible time just getting down the tollway - being swarmed by multiple Lancers and drones. Monster trucks are big, but they also seem to blow up real easy… So, is there a particular vehicle type that is your “go to” for Knoxx?

I use a racer. Unless I NEED to fight the vehicles on the road way, I just race on by them.

But the Monster I use for vehicular combat. It has homing missles.


Racer for speed, Monster for stability and durability.

I use the Monster. I can never seem to control the Racer very well.

Always using the Racer as soon as it is available.
Blame the highways, they tend to somewhat drag on when you have to go to north or south (forgot the map names, sorry).

Kitty Jo is right on. Don’t try to take them on. Know where they appear and their route and boost past them. Engaging them, and no doubt a probe or two, just leads to frustration

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I agree on that front. The car may lose some health, but just driving away from the pests allows the car to start regenerating health. I don’t see a point in fighting them unless you are on foot and they are getting on your nerves (only the drones apply in this case).

I always use the Racer.

On a sort of similar note, when you have the mission to destroy 10 vehicles, get out of your vehicle and use a corrosive weapon. Much easier to take them down.

Thanks all - will probably go racer and floor it. I know I have circle of duty and the second armoury run to go, and am waiting for the final squad of assassins to show up. Not sure what else is lurking unfinished, other than Crawmerax of course.

Also, couldn’t help noting that, compared to the Knoxx version, the TPS Athena has mellowed out some and gotten, um, healthier (yeah, that’s it!) She’s not quite as bossy in TPS as she is while standing in Scooter’s at T-Bone, telling you to get going…

I kind of like using the Monster’s cluster missiles. They certainly do the job for me.

In my opinion, they dont even look like the same person. Her attributes changed too much. Eyes got bigger, fuller lips…Looks way more “anime-like” in TPS if you ask me.

And in case you cant tell, Im pro-Knoxx Athena.


I also like Knoxx Athena more.
About vehicles, I use mostly Racer because riding gets boring after some times.

P.S. I don’t think Athena ever says “Athena out” in Pre-Sequel. Like, It would be cool after killing some badass.

Same here.

Her and those crimson bucket sluts. Good times. I always used the monster, myself. I’d lob about 3 volleys of missiles before those pest bots spawned and keep on going. I never really had any issue with anything though. I enjoyed running over the lancemen at the checkpoints.

For quick runs I use the Racer. If I’m going to be hitting every stop along the way I use the Lancer. The laser is great for taking out troops and other Lancers from a distance in a relatively short time. The Lancer may seem a bit slow but being able to carry four people inside helps.

If I’m farming drifters for pearls and such… monster. For everything else in life there’s racer card.

But all of the art direction in tps is pretty bad. Not just Athena.