Best VH for Ember's Purge?

Hi gals and guys!
My favorite gun has become by far Ember’s Purge. I have been playing as Fl4k. I’m guessing that an Amara elemental build or Moze splash damage build would do this gun more justice. I want to know who you guys think would do this weapon the most justice?

I used it with a splashy/Short Fuze Moze and an Old God incendiary shield. It was fun. It’s easy to kill yourself though. A urad version with an Old God nuclear shield would probably wreck. But it would take too long to roll one. Maybe someday …

I just found out about Moze’s Blast Master mod. That’s probably the game changer.

Give it to Clone.


Amara does great with it too.

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Nah, clone shoots everything…

Ember’s purge is better used by the VH… Not really a best (probably moze and Amara for fire/elemental damage increase)

Weapon’s damage is ok… The puddle it spawns is what you want (so it’s not that great for flying, fast moving targets and graveward like bosses)

I was using it in GTD back at lvl 57, Clone with it will kill anything that is on the ground.

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Yeah but there’s just far better choices then that :wink: give your clone a hellwalker and it will do the same and probably better. Plasmacoil is probably THE best weapon for your clone. Everything works in th3 clone’s hand… But you’ll always be better off with using optimal weapons. Ember’s purge you are better off shooting the puddle yourself while your clone is doing straight out damage.

Like i said, it’s not the gun… It’s the puddle it spawns that makes the gun so good. And seeing your clone just shoots at everything that moves… It’s not that great (better options)

I hear both of your arguments, and you both make good points. I guess the only thing for me to do is max out every VH to see who is best equipped for this beastie. :slightly_smiling_face:
Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s Fl4k.

Sure he is :wink: the puddle does maaaaasive damage :wink:

Problem being… Enemies tend to not stand in it :rofl:

It’s really a weapon you need to understand instead. I never tested if weapon damage increased the puddle damage though. What you do want is the puddle to spawn as many times as you can (ammo regen and firing speed can be a good idea)

You can also use a singularity nade to clump a bunch of enemies together, spawn puddle and see them melt :wink:

And like i said moze and Amara probably can get the highest damage by boosting fire/elemental damage.

I have it on my Graveyard Moze (recently posted the build in the Moze area) and it benefits from Urad, 100+% splash, the Terror damage / fire rate anoint, Stoke the Embers and it’s pretty crazy. Still, the Soulrender is probably better for the skulls.

Digi-Clone. The Puddles wreck pretty much everything.

Does urad affect the puddle? I’m to lazy to try this :rofl:

It does. Urad effects all damage sources.

BTW, this is the link for my Graveyard Moze in case you were interested:


So I got Moze up to level 65 and picked up Ember’s Purge from my Fl4k playthrough. So far, I am pretty disappointed. Fl4k seemed to be getting better damage out of the gun than Moze is, which doesn’t make sense. This is just an initial reaction, but so far not impressed with Splash Moze + Ember’s Purge. Once I get to level 72, I’ll do that mission to get the max level for her.

I made great use of it against mobs with Zane, but it required some other specific stuff.

You need the Barrier, with the All-Rounder and Deterrence Field augments, and Distributed Denial. To compliment that, you need either a Black Hole or Void Rift with ASS anoint.

Drop the barrier in the middle of a mob. The Black Hole/Void Rift singularity will proc from the Barrier emitter, pulling the enemies in. All-Rounder and Deterrence Field will act as a dome trap, keeping the mob contained and staggering. Then unload on them with the Ember’s Purge. Double barrel one to the clone if you’re feeling extra spicy. That dome will turn into a pressure cooker in seconds. I recommend either clone ammo regen or 500% elemental nova anoints for maximum effect. Throw in Burning Summit or Firestorm grenades for good measure.