Best vip weapon

Out of the available VIP Program Weapons, Season 1 and 2, what is your list from best to worst? I’m trying to decide on the next one I want.


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The ones you cash in points for? Norfleet is the only piece of gear on my list. :wink: It’s the most annoying to farm in-game, and all the others are an easier farm or just aren’t that desirable to me.

I’ve gotten two so far, pity they’re both shock variants. :frowning: But that’s how the bones roll…

I have used the points for the Norfleet twice (different levels). I was curious if the Hot Momma was worth it or not.

Ditto on the Norfleet.
All the others I have successfully farmed (getting the Godfinger from Uranus was the last on my list) so don’t care about picking those up.
Norfleets have been beyond me, I’ve never solo’d Hyperious, and in thousands of hours I’ve never seen Vermiverous.
All my points are going to expanding my Norfleet collection.

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I thought it was pretty well established that Uranus only drops first gens, so you’ll be looking for that forever

You’re correct of course. I did pick up a Godfinger from somewhere, though, now I have to figure out where…Ah, looking back at my posts it was from a Tubby in The Dust.

Gotta be Norfleet. The rest depend on your character, it’s build, and your play style.

They should add Blues in there like Grog, twister, etc. etc.


Now you’re talking. I concur.

I would use all the points I have now and mortgage any future points for a Twister. That’s one I know I’ll never ever ever get, even less likely than beating Hyperious for a Norfleet.

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I just did the thing with summoning dexi’s tribals to get a twister, it doesn’t take too long and you’re assured to see OOO every time if you do it right.
Better than spawning vermi at least

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