Best way & mode to do 2nd Wind DoT challenges?

Ive only reset prestige once in TPS, and while most seem straight up and no special knack to get done (prestige guide on this forum also has great tips) - one class of challenge eludes me:

Get second winds with elemental DoT (corrosive, fire, etc)

I just barely got to reset by doing only a few 2nd wind challenge levels. But resetting again will no longer be possible without nearly completing all of them (as a number of challenges cant be dont after first reset - OC/DC, side missions, master chef, etc)

Any tips for what mode (normal, tvhm, uvhm) and tactics how to get DoT 2nd winds? The ones ive gotten so far were just blind pure luck while trying to get myself up via normal combat. This is good enough to get me like 2 levels in each but definitely not for getting to tier 4 or 5

In normal id think mobs die too fast, but uvhm too slow. So is tvhm mode the best? (Assuming my char is 70)

I was thinking of using a rocket to down myself, then use elemenatl weapon on tvhm mob to see if i get the dot kill. But my uvhm weapons seem too strong and more often than not i just end up killing the mon with straight damage.

Do peope that reset a lot keep a special mid-level weapon just to do these challenges?

Get an elemental grenade close to your level and a rocket launcher. It helps if the grenade is either homing or has a long fuse time. Play on normal. Toss out the grenade to where enemies will be, then down yourself with the rocket launcher.

Oh I didn’t know that. Elemental grenades count as dot dmg? Like say a homing shock infusion grenade?

Possibly. I’m not sure on the specifics. I use the Storm Front a lot, and if I know I’m going down soon, I toss out a handful. Just before responding to this I got part of the challenge for revivng with shock DOT and I don’t carry any other shock weapons.