Best way to farm eridium?

Sorry if I’m not in the right thread, wondering where or what people have farmed to get eridum in BL2?

I usually farm the 4 dragon bosses from tina’s assault dlc

But when I tried it, I could only do it once and then I couldn’t tap X on the scroll that activates them, is it a glitch?

you can only summon them once every time you enter the game so you’ll have to save/exit game and enter it again to summon them again

I understand that, I tried it and it didn’t but work. Could it be that I haven’t turned in the quest once I completed it?

oh yes that could be it too

I’ll try that then, thank you for your help!

I’m here to help

Well then if I could ask you another question, what would you say is the easiest way to level up? Just advance through the campaign or farm or?

most people would “power level” but me i would play the story and complete every mission on normal, then do the same in tvhm until i turn lv50 and then kill everything and complete every mission i can in uvhm (crazy laugh)

Yeah I agree lmao I mean I can’t say much for myself considering my highest character is a lvl 52 kreig

My highest is an OP8 axton but most of my other toons are 50ish

Wow lol do you know how much time you have in the game?

which is which again? 00:00:00:00?

Yes. Just overall time

well my commando has 19:04:00:15 whatever that means

That’s probably more time I’ve had in the game total haha

you can do a bit of Both if you have Torgues DLC, you can farm XP in the BARRoom Brawl and get Torgue tokens to use to buy select legendaries from Torgue vending machines.

and as said, the Dragons are the best farm for Eridium, after you turn the mission in, just return there, once inside just save and quit until you have the eridium you need, (also good XP)

Nineteen Days, 4 Hours and 15 seconds

I have played since bl1, i have all achievements for every borderlands game, i have the goliath and community day skins in bl2 (crazy laugh redux) oh and poker night 2 skins too (well in the 360 i guess)

I like running the Badlands to level up. Kill skags (hoping for tubbies at the same time), farm the red chests and kill saturn, repeat. Saturn give a regular 20k xp in UVHM, not including any bonus xp from his turrets. This run nets you approximately 10% of your EXP bar each time and takes around 5-10 minutes depending on your speed at killing Saturn.