Best way to farm Infinity pistol?

Hi I’m new here so sorry if I’m doing this wrong. I posted a topic looking for a lvl 50 infinity pistol, and decided to ask for the way way to farm for it. I know doc mercy is most likely the way to go but ever since they patched the water spout route to him it’s been taking longer to farm, any suggestions?

You have to plant infinity pistols around spring in very dry soil.

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They patched that? when? I used that a couple months ago to farm him a couple times.

He is the best farm for that, it can drop anywhere else as its also a random world drop, but Doc is the only guaranteed drop. I have gotten several as a world drop.

I tried it a while back and it wouldn’t work. When you sit on it from the certain angle it just doesn’t shoot you high enough. Maybe I’m wrong and didn’t have my positioning right but I used to do it all the time on xbox360

If it isn’t sending you high enough either you’re not standing in the right spot, or you’re playing as krieg. The fix for this problem is here:

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It happens on xbox one as well. Not just for krieg.
Theres been a few times where I dont get blasted up whichever character i use.