Best way to farm purple mods?

Looking for a very specific, purple class mod for Moze. What difficulty setting/area would be best to farm that?

(In case you are curious, I’m looking for a Marksman mod with Redistribution, Experimental Munitions, Scorching RPMs, +sniper damage, +Hyperion crit damage)

I don’t think purples have any dedicated loot pools like the Legendaries do.

Try farming Zed’s machines.

Either vending machines or Cistern would be me choice. Good luck I’ve had a hard time with good Fl4k purps. Seems like they try to put bad rolls on purple COM’s.

I’ve gotten some perfect rolls on my purple FL4K mods. They’re out there.

Graveward always has good gear in his vending machines.

Golden chest if you have the keys for it.

Basically anywhere you can clear easily that gives a lot of world drops. Graveward, Gigamind, Traunt (Captain and General), Slaughter, Proving Grounds. Otherwise farm the vendors. I’ve been hunting for a maddening tracker forever. Purple farming isn’t an exact science, lol.


Well, I meant more like… What is the best difficulty to keep the same quantity of drops, but with less quality?

As it stands, I play TVHM M4 exclusively, so most drops are legendary. If I could keep the same number of drops per kill, but largely lower the quality to purples…? Just guess I’ll have to try some stuff

Lowering the Mayhem level might help, but that’ll mean less chance for anoints. I’m not sure how the system figures drop rates for purples.

Well since class mods aren’t annointed, it wouldn’t matter, right? I guess I’ll have to try it…