Best way to find CEO of all Ceo's class mod?

This is the last mod I am looking for to finish off my Jack build. Considering I like to switch up the weapons I use having a few class mods is key for my build. I need this particular mod so I can finally have some fun with the luck cannon/rerouter build. Any tips would be much appreciated

Not too hard to grind these – 3 blues for a blue or purple; three purples for a purple or orange (dashboard out if you don’t get what you want). Also – asking for it in the trade section often yields happy results.

Thanks, I’ll attempt to grind one once I hit max level. Not the biggest fan of trading gear since they usually want my best items in return lol. (Sure there is always duping an item but where’s the fun in that)

Duping is also not allowed to be discussed here. So lets not even go there.

Sorry was just saying I’m not a fan of it is all

check vending machines for the item of the day

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Iwajira drops lots of class mods. still pick em up if you don’t like em, and off to the grinder!

I’ve been so unlucky with drops from him lately, I tried farming him for purple Jakob pistols and mods but with little success. I find it much easier getting shift codes offline and hitting the golden chest lol. Iwajira is just an exp source for me throughout my play through since he levels with you once in uvhm

We’re not suppose to talk about duping, are you f—ing serious? If Gearbox really wants to protect the integrity of BL-Pre Sequel it should start by not nerfing anymore weapons and fixing all the bugs in the game, starting with the super frustrating “Skill Resetting” bug that happens when entering an online game in matchmaking or the constant “short freezing gltiches” that occurs even offline.

There’s nothing wrong with duping.

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Yes, kitty is completely serious. Gearbox consider duping to be cheating, which is why it’s not okay to discuss it here. If you have any other queries about this, do please pm me. Politely. After reading the forum rules thoroughly. Thanks.

Closed, as that was a 3 month necro.