Best way to find Legendary gear!? I never get any... basically EVER!

How is it I keep hearing about people finding all sorts of awesome Legendary gear all the time? Out of the 1000+ pieces of gear I’ve found and purchased I’ve only got ONE random Legendary piece. I mean, I’ve got a few of the Hero specific Legendary Lore gear as those are fairly easy to obtain but I don’t seem to find random Legendary stuff.

I’ve heard a bunch of people say they find a lot of Legendary stuff from Rogue gear packs… well I’ve purchased 20 or so of them and not found a single legendary.

Is there some sort of way to improve chances of finding Legendary stuff in story mode? Thus far, when I play on Advanced I haven’t gotten lucky with gear. I find plenty of Epic stuff but no Legendary items.

There’s some amazing legendary gear I’ve seen other people have that would be INCREDIBLE in PvP for the heroes I mainly play (i.e Miko). Some of the Legendary stuff I’ve seen if used by Miko would be totally amazing… but I can never find anything good.

Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated!!!

I haven’t seen a single Legendary in the last 35+ missions I’ve ran.

I got 2 out of 4 Epic Loot packs I bought but that’s it. Drop wise nothing for me.

It’s annoying isn’t it!? I mean, I’ve seen screenshots of some people’s inventory that have like 15 legendary items and I DON’T mean Lore challenge hero specific gear… I mean random ass Legendary gear. Are these people just lucky or am I doing something wrong? Perhaps I’m just particularly unlucky?

Join the Cult of Cthulhu and pray to some elder gods, they will give you legendary things that will bend your mind and warp your soul :grinning:

That’s why you’re not getting any, you need to be prayin’ to RNGesus. He died for your loots.


Confirmed that RNGesus is actually a Loot Pinata.

I’ve had luck running missions on normal Hardcore.

I got two, the first one I was kinda lucky as it dropped on my very first Conservator ( mission 2 boss ) solo run normal.
Well lucky is kinda overrated, it was a reload / recoil item and I play mostly melee.

The second, I’m not sure where I found it, but it also was on a mission last boss, normal mode, solo.

I know this won’t make you feel better, so I’m not telling this just to boast or something, but to point out I got mine with regular killing. Completely unsure about the Rogue lootcrates myself.
However I’ve been trying to get the Renegade last boss legendary for some time and have been quite unlucky so far…

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As far as I can tell, there has no been no official statement on this subject. But I could be over looking something. If there truly hasn’t been though, then sadly there is no concrete answer for the best way to farm legendaries.

I got one from a coop normal run of the 2nd mission; and as far as another thread states, it is the legendary specific item for that levels boss. (the “blissbeast” armor)

I also ran the same mission on advanced solo and got a “sentinel reset switch” from that Thrall “Nix” (the one with a minigun right before the sentry drops)

RNG is harsh. I have slightly over 100 hours plunged in this game at the moment. I rarely got a legendary despite completing advanced hardcore missions one after another.

The last two days, I have got 6 legendaries out of 8 runs.

Hang in there, sooner or later it will turn around!


Advanced Hardcore has the highest chance for any drops.

Normal Hardcore is the most efficient though. You can often do two runs in the time it takes to do one advanced.

How do you know this though? Just from experience or is there an official statement somewhere that indicates the drop rates are actually higher in Advanced/Hardcore?

All my legendaries have come from regular normal and I have quite a few, I don’t think difficulty matters one bit it’s all RNG

Yea, that’s what I thought. I’m just incredibly annoyed at this point about how radically unlucky I am beyond all reason. I mean, how I have 100 friggin VICTORIOUS missions played and haven’t seen a legendary item drop? It just “feels” like I MUST be doing something horribly horribly wrong.

It also aggravates me because I like to PvP as Miko and there’s a couple legendary items that if I used together would be absolutely crazy and super duper ultra powerful (if used correctly). It would be soooooooo soooooooooooooooooooooooo dang fun to have the legendary gear I want for Miko in PvP… the game basically torments me at this point… I mean, I know that I could do amazing things with the gear and that it DOES exist and I even know which bosses drop them. Honestly though… it’s probably extremely LIKELY that I WON’T ever EVER get them even if I play another 300+ missions.

I feel like being that I have over 100 hours of gameplay I should have something to show for it in terms of what I’ve been trying to actually accomplish. How many games are out there where it takes over 100 hours to get a single piece of gear? I don’t even know how much more I’ll have to play to get the gear I want. With RNG it’s easily possible it could take me 500 or 1000 hours of gameplay before I get it IF I even EVER get it which at this point seems more likely than anything.

I’ve played many missions where bosses don’t even drop gear AT ALL. How about all the times I’ve done Advanced Hardcore and been rewarded with green gear… What the hell man.

Advanced hardcore is here for that.
We started getting a lot of it with a group of friends when we started doing it regularly.
That’s why the difficulty is here,better chances at better loots and we do wonder if,as in Borderlands,the larger the group,the better the chances as well.
Cuz we had a lucky strike in a night,3 legendary in 6 7missions,we chained the advanced HC with a 5 man group this time.
And now,we did several hc advanced when being 2 3,we get much less leg.
So Idk,just my two cents.

I’ve done a decent amount of Advanced Hardcore missions (approximately 30 or something like that) and even so… no Legendary gear drops. Gotta just LOVE it when you beat a mission on Advanced Hardcore mode and the bosses drop green gear… Hell sometimes we don’t even get that.

A LOT of people have been telling me that it’s all the same RNG regardless of difficulty mode but then I have other people telling me the drop rates are higher in Advanced/Hardcore. I personally know several people who have got a decent amount of Legendary gear from Public Story Normal Mode and I know others who haven’t got jack in normal or advanced hardcore. Some people say they get lucky in Advanced Hardcore with drops. It seems pretty damn random. There’s no official statement from Gearbox or anyone that says if drop rates are actually better/worse depending on the difficulty mode.

I think it’s pretty much all just random luck. Either you’re lucky or you’re not, and I’m very very VERY unlucky.

Dude, I’ve bought a crap ton of gear packs too… the epic packs as well as a bunch of the faction packs… guess what… no Legendary gear for me. I’m just THRILLED that I’ve dropped 100,000 shards on gear packs and not gotten any Legendary gear… yet I see people post screenshots of awesome Legendary stuff they opened up in faction gear packs. See… I’m just stunningly unlucky beyond reason.

Agree with you.

The logical thing would be that Advanced gives better droprate for legendaries than Normal. Advanced Hardcore should give higher droprate than Advanced. You should be rewarded for tackling higher difficulty, right? But since Gearbox haven’t actually said anything about it, it’s just speculation.

And I highly doubt that a player have done enough missions so they can claim with 100% certainty that their data pool shows a significant favour going Advanced Hardcore for legendaries.
Doing 10 missions of each type and getting more legendaries in one of them doesn’t mean that the game mode is better for legendary farmng. It just means that the RNG was on your side this time.

The only way I would believe on a player claiming that a specific game mode rewards better loot is if he/she have a spreadsheet where he/she documented several thousands of runs and can show with statistical proof that this is the case. But other than that, just pure speculation.

The game said in a hint box somwhere that the more people you have in hardcore mode the better chance for good drops. I also remember reading somthing about having a bunch of extra lives helps the drop rate on advanced.

I seem to recall that hint actually. Though I am not so sure about the hardcore part but something about amount of players. Would be great if someone actually found that tip with a screenshot.
Anyway, does it mean that it will just reward you with better loot if you are five people and not depending on whether you do it no Normal/HC/Advanced/HC?