Best way to get bloody harvest legendaries?

So I’ve been farming Haunt, loot ghost and other haunted enemies for hours and haven’t one of the four bloody harvest legendaries. What’s the best way to get them to drop and which farming method is the best to get one of the four legendaries?

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They’re extremely rare. I’ve kill Haunt around 30 times now and have only had one event related legendary.

If you’re on console and can do splitscreen… Have both characters start the quest. Log out the second character at 24/25 hecktoplasm, get the last one on the main character and reinvite. Go to heck and kill haunt > have second character host to get 1 hecktoplasm and run it again immediately.

I’ve yet to uncover a quicker method.


Slaughter Shaft Mayhem 2. Hands down the best source of legendary gear. Go in prepared to fight, like seriously prepare. Luckily round 1 gets a ton of badasses and annointed. I got Ghast and Fearmonger from there. also at respawn point turn around and kill the stalker skulls multi-tasking rules, kinda

There are four BH legendaries? I am only aware of the Fearmonger shotgun and the grenade. What are the other two?

@Arrcaeus Theres also a shield and a sniper rifle

Do you know what the shield and sniper is called? Want to make sure I don’t overlook them.

Edit: Nevermind, found them in other forums. The sniper is Stalker and the shield is (Overflowing) Scream of Terror

I got my Ghost Grenade Legendary to drop from a BadAss Ghost while doing normal run-of-the-mill TVHM playthrough in Promethea.

It’s nothing special and went right into my bank.

I’ve found the shotgun and shield useless on Moze. The grenade has a nice tracking on multiple enemies, but I’ve only seen it as corrosive. I love that thing in Slaughter Shaft. The shotgun feels like Hyperion trying to emulate a torgue shotty.