Best way to get Eridium

Anyone got any tips or fastest farming spots? Just tired of farming sometimes and wasting time save quitting. Would rather re roll as much as possible so I can get back to playing. I wonder if I should farm a certain boss or run thru a certain area?

I have found the Cartel map to be best. You can get about 1200-2000 eridium on Mayhem 10 with Lootsplosion and Mysterious Artifact.

I know that many people say the Slaughter Shaft, Round 5, kill Titan, down yourself, then repeat for 500 eridium each time, is supposed to be the best and most efficient way. But so many items spawn in the Slaughter Shaft that Titan does not always drop the 500 eridium, except on the first kill. At least on Xbone.


Ok. The cartel map i have been using but Joey takes forever to kill and then you have to go farm 30 more token thingies to get bacj to it. I was hoping for something like a single boss fight that maximizes eridium or a certain map that the community runs over and over again. I didnt think about SS, but I also don’t remember Eridium falling during it. I can try I guess. Thanx

Titan drops a 500-chunk (or is supposed to) on each kill. Ruiner is a decent farm too.

Don’t kill Joey in the cartel map. Kill the other bosses for their drops, grab all the eridium and save quit or fast travel away and back. The eridium and bosses should respawn and you can grab them again. That’s slightly faster.

Also, after the current LTU event, there’s a week long eridium event, so farm that, if you can.


:point_up_2:This, so much this.

You don’t even have to bother with Joey at all. Just go through the entire map mobbing and looting every pile of eridium dust. You don’t have to save quit for the eridium dust to respawn if I remember correctly, you can just leave the map, and them zone back in and it should respawn.


Oh wow. That will save so much time. Damn I wish I had known that a week ago.

Instead of killing yourself you can just fast-travel to The Slaughter Shaft and it will accomplish the same thing (if you are at all concerned about paying the New-U respawn cost). Just be sure to leave at least one mob alive after you kill Titan or it will register you as having completed the round. :slight_smile:

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I usually just farm Ruiner. 50-60 pieces of eridium per kill plus lots of XP for vault cards and hey, might get a good Flipper or other DLC item roll in there too.

There’s a decent pacifist spot to farm eridium in the Voracious Canopy, where the dead Claptrap is down in a steppy hole/passage near the arena where King Bobo hangs out. Usually a few eridium piles down in there, more with the mysterious artifact on of course. There’s a save spot nearby also so it’s a quick save/quit farm.

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TVHM m10 Ruiner is the best eridium farm followed by Slaughter Shaft boss. Someone also showed that you can farm a good amount from crystals on Eden 6. Travel to Graveward then go back to Blackbarrel Cellars. Hang a right to the jabbers and farm those crystal. Use a stone artifact because you get double eridium when you punch them. You might also need the Mysterious Artifact to find where they all spawn but they can be hit even if you can’t see them, you just need to learn where they are.

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Yup ruiner is probably the best spot and often drops world drops :wink:
You’ll be getting a bloom almost every time but just equip a shlooter (haven’t tried it though) :rofl:

Graveward also has fast reload :grin:

Katagawa jr is a 1 shot :wink:

Freddy and jackbot in DLC1 both are pretty easy (and weirdly red chests respawn every time in jackbots vault) if you’re looking for a seeing dead (cryo works great against jb) Freddy can glitch and explode when you sneeze at him :rofl:

Athenas. There are tons of Eridium patches. Also Captain Traunt gives a decent amount. Otherwise bosses like Graveward. Be sure to put on Lootsplosion.

Thanx for all the replies. I run Mayhem 11 because I cant stand modifiers. Where can I get mysterious artifact?
I didn’t think about Freddy farm. Or Ruiner. Thanx

@thesuicidefox i thought any form of bonus element attached to your melee makes more eridium drop?

It’s a reward from a quest in the Ava mystery DLC:

Ruiner drops around 50 eridium per kill and is pretty easy farm (also good for EXP farming on top of eridium and legendaries)

And cartel map also holds a nice chunk of eridium while again good chance of legendaries.

There’s other ways but for me personally i always used those

Moxsy has an Eridium video that explains the 5 best places to get some.

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It does, I believe he was just mentioning a stone artifact as the most likely candidate.
I used a radiation stone static charge, myself. Not sure if the double element adds more, but I figured it couldn’t hurt.

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This is the same spot that I use. Usually 200-225 per 3 min run. If you know all the locations of the piles. Do it enough times, and you will learn them.

I have tested many different artifact types with this, and the ones with “stone” in the title are the best.

EDIT: To refresh the piles, you just need to toggle mayhem level. What I do is, first do it on level 11, then get get a good combo with lootsplosion on level 10. Alternate between M10 & M11.

This image is not my work, just a screen shot I made a while ago from a youtube vid.

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No just stones.

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