Best way to get specific anointments

What’s the agreed upon best way to get an anointed specific piece of gear? TVHM M4 without a doubt drops anointed gear better than anything. However is seems to be M4 also prioritizes world drops over the dedicated drops. Which makes it difficult to even get the dedicated drop. Dropping it back to M0 seems to get the dedicated drops to appear but hardly ever anointed. So what’s the best method? Just getting super lucky or trading seems like the only answer to me. Farming a Boss on TVHM M4 and crossing fingers?

I don’t know, but I just farm bosses that drop a decent amount of legendaries on M4 . So, GW and Agonizer. Freddie isn’t bad either. You just need to rinse and repeat the boss quickly and not worry about your desired anointed item showing up. It’ll eventually drop, but having an expectation that it needs to drop will eventually wear you out. Also, you’ll get some decent loot along the way. Or you can just trade for it.

There are a number of stages.

  • First, you strip down to only your underpants and put on a pair of wellingtons.
  • Anoint yourself with a mixture of hobby glue and red dye No 9.
  • Roll in the contents of a down pillow mixed with small squares of bubble wrap.
  • Prepare a sacrificial offering of Mountain Dew, Cheese Puffs and Skittles (but take out the green ones).
  • Go into your front yard.
  • Beseech RNGesus calling it a kind and benevolent god while holding the offering high.
  • Leave the offering in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

You should now have at least a snowball’s chance in hell of getting the anointment you want, some comfort food and enough bubbles to pop to deal with the stress when you don’t.

TLDR: Pretty much, yeah.


If you not looking for M4 specific drops then the time to kill a boss on M3 and loot vs time on M4 and loot is worth considering…


eBay is the most sure method. I took 10% of my entertainment money for the weekend and purchased all the weapons/gear for my spiritual driver Amara who is now like a G-d cruising through MH4.

You’re welcome.


Reading something like this makes me very sad for the state of the game.

Also begs the question, doesn’t:

, 1- make you feel cheap for not earning it and, 2- get boring quick?


And feel sad that you paid for an item thats infinitely being duped to everyone else thats paying for it;
Otherwise m3 for the lower world drop chance, the anointment difference between 3/4 isnt huge - dedicated drops still seem to be 3% across all levels

I have no idea. I really don’t like farming excessively so I just been playing TVHM M4 and it’s been more than a little disappointing how few of my legendary items have any anointment at all let alone one that I want or can even use. I see plenty of legendary items dropping but I just seem to get the same handful of items that I don’t even want or need and they usually don’t have any anointment at all or if they do…it’s for a class or build I’m not using.

Compare that with greens, blues and epics and they almost all have an anointment. Why does lesser gear seem to have a much higher chance at having an anointment? If you are playing the highest difficulty why don’t all weapons just have some anointment by default? It’s kind of depressing tbh.


The most reliable way of getting a specific annointments?

You mean, the ONLY way to get a specific annointment?


Makes me sad for the state of the game and I do hate to say it. But eBay(and to a lesser extent, trading) is the only way to obtain targeted gear.

I’ve been looking/farming for a Raging Bear with +3 Stoke/ +%Incendiary and I know If I really want if I’ll have to end up eBaying it.

I just stopped playing(almost entirely) instead.


I guarantee you the number of people who enjoy using God Mode cheats, hacks, exploits, or just like to play games where they just massively overpower anything they come up against far outweighs the infinitesimally small number who actually enjoy farming for hundreds to thousands of hours just for a few pieces of gear that only make the game slightly less difficult.

Just look at the number of Fallout/Elder Scrolls gamers out there. By the time you’ve maxed out your character you’re practically one-shotting the most difficult enemies the games have to offer and nothing can even scratch you, much less actually threaten you, but literally millions of people like that.

Anoints lol they apply while you are using the weapon only. Shield and grenade we can stack annoints but seriously - annointments are semi important and weak because of restrictions eg. You hop out of Iron bear with your desired annoint in play but the weapon is useless in the current situation… Wave goodbye to your nointmenz.

They aren’t that great. Stop chasing the ■■■■

  1. I actually feel really good
  2. Finally having fun again since MH4 dropped.

Maybe you should try it yourself before you quit in frustration as by the time you get even half the annointeds you want the new level cap will drop.

Where is your tenacity son?

Preach. I liked farming offline MH3 but when MH4 dropped I said forget that noise. I play with my 9yr old son and we stopped at that point. Then I just realized I could get us some decent gear to get back in the game and now we’re having fun again.

I’m up to 100 mules stacked with gear mostly anointed when it comes to weapons/nades/shields. I have a mule for each weapon type for non-anointed things I keep but they are mostly empty. I have literally thousands of good items 75%+ farmed, some traded, and I’m making different builds all the time using them and still have so many more builds in mind to mess with. If it got to the point where I felt the need to actually buy gear off Ebay I would just quit the game because that would mean the parts of it I enjoy most are failing and the game wouldn’t be fun to me. I don’t care about 1 shotting everything in the game with zero challenge for false senses of accomplishment. What I enjoy is overcoming challenges and theory crafting and build making.

No I’m not happy with the dedicated loot drop rate at this moment, but I don’t feel it to be bad enough to buy gear.

For reference I recently spent 40 hours in a row of my playtime doing nothing but farming ION Cannons (over multiple days/sessions). Because I wanted a specific anointed set. I eventually got them and no it wasn’t the most enjoyable thing to do but the build that came out of it that I was wanting to do made it worth and it was definitely 100% more satisfying then just going and buying it.


M4 is pree sic. It trimmed my loadout right down to 3 things;

A health damage tool, an armour stripped and a sheild breaker. Some items are fun and half work - these items belong to Marcus cha ching!

Statistically you have almost no chance. The annointed drop rates are so bad most my game playing friends have moved to other games. I love BL3 but I am at a point where I need certain annoimnents to progress and after weeks I have a grand total of 1 I use and its on a shield and only OK.

The agreed best way is sadly to trade with someone who already won the lottery or if on PS4 or PC trade with someone who can dupe you what you need or share a game save file. If you are on Xbox like me, its down to trading, but I am not so good at that so I have been watching more TV than usual. :frowning:

The talk of a level increase in Q1 2020 means you will have to start over soon anyway. That is the most discouraging to me. I cant get one set for the build I want and soon it will all be worthless.

Annointed drops, especially for dedicated loot need a major upgrade or soon more players will realize they are just rats on a never ending treadmill with few rewards. BL2 had a grind but the top tear with good rolls were never so rare.


The game showers you with world drops. I’ve just happened to keep on to everything good that dropped since the beginning of the game instead of only going for specific items for specific youtube builds. A while back people were calling me insane for holding on to everything and saying I would never use these items. But look whos laughing now. Me because I have a ton of stuff to adjust to meta shifts and play with all kinds of builds.

The huge difference between me and many people here is this: I make my own builds and I build them around items I have, rather then trying to copy someone elses builds and becoming frustrated that it’s near impossible to farm the exact items they have. You can use the “you have no life” argument all you want, but it won’t be the significant difference.


Honestly, borderlands could use a page out of pokemon when it comes to farming; there its possible to raise the odds of certain things being spawned by having a set item, or ability in play; would be much harder to make work here but the point still stands

I have 100s of legendary items too, but legendary items are like what purples were in BL2, a dime a dozen. Its getting good rolls, the right element and a specific anointment that makes getting the right drops impossible. Even in the DLC where the drop rate is better I cant get such items after days of farming. My 1000s of orange item drops can’t give me one complete set of items for any of the builds I want to run. Not even a set of 4 items consisting of a single gun, shield, grenade and mod with bad rolls but annointments I want can be found.