Best way to get specific anointments

I edited this into one of the comments above but I think it’s worth saying again:
The huge difference between me and many people here is this: I make my own builds and I build them around items I have, rather then trying to copy someone else’s builds and becoming frustrated that it’s near impossible to farm the exact items they have.

The only time I tried to farm a specific item for a build I had already had in mind was still my own idea but that was ION cannons and it was because I had a dream about it lol. But normally I just pick things up and what I get gives me ideas for things to try and then I go and spend days theory crafting and testing, and making what I have work in a build.

I never try to get perfect anything, that is a fools errand in this game.

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The amount of parts available to some of them are downright nasty in some parts, ive settled with mid-perfect on some only due to having the right annoinment. Craps for example can have 21% - 66% weapon damage (that ive found) with a seperate roll for sticky damage from 13% @ 5 rounds to 6% at 10 - also noticed a purple pistol that can get the 35% rocket sticky

I agree, I would be happy with decent items and the right annointments.

I look at YT to see what works well item wise and then tweak my own build. I find small changes in a build can make life easier for me as i am not a great player. YT builds are usually for damage and speed. I need more healing and durability. But some annointments are very strong on certain classes so I try for them as I need all the help I can get. I play solo almost exclusively. My sons played with me for awhile but they moved on to other games.

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Trying to farm specific anointments at present is not fun, nor is paying for game items (no micro-transactions?) on ebay.

Both are turning away players in droves.

The only way I can play atm is making little personal challenges - like trying to cap my Guardian Rank perks.

Farming for a particular weapon or com is slowly but surely making me hate the game. This is not good reward design.


And that’s a big difference between you and me; no way would I want to do this. If there’s no way for me to get a specific weapon, that I feel I need to extend my playing time, in 4-5 hours tops then I would just stop playing. Playing Destiny games for over 4000 hours has me exhausted with this type of game mechanic.

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I did not enjoy that. I hated it. I find world drops to be more then ok. But dedicated drops suck ass and there really isn’t a way to fix this though because that 40 hour ION farm was on a 100% drop chance item. It’s just that there are sooo many variations it still took forever to get the right ones, and I still didn’t get perfect rolls on more then 1 of them. What it really shows is how the base game dedicated rates are pathetic and all dedicated drops should follow suit of the DLC. Especially class mods!


Yeah I totally agree that M4 dedicate drops (esp anointed) on anything but the DLC are literally the worst, a motivation drain, and are turning me off playing.

I have spent the last two days trying to farm Tyreen for a Kings Call. I’ve tried M4 and M3. No luck at all. Let alone the right anointment… No luck in trading either.

Right now I’m turning the game off in total frustration, and will play something more rewarding, and hope that this Thursday there are some changes to the loot tables.

I got exactly the same feeling from trying to get a R4KK P4KK to drop in the Trial of Cunning… (That I have been farming for weeks, still no luck). So perhaps there is some build up…

But this is not the fun that players are looking for…


It’s payback time for early game moments, when a freaking mosquito was able to kill you. :slight_smile: Feels good, sometimes.

Honestly, if you want a specific annoint on non legendary items, shop crazy earl’s or even the regular vending machines.

The item of the day isn’t usually the best item; it’s the one after that. I have some really good (but purple quality) legendary grenades I just bought from vending machines.

All I can say is I wish I was able to complain about “specific” anointments. Half the legendary items I get have no anointment at all. If you are playing on the hardest difficulty all items should have an anointment so you at least have a chance at the specific anointment. It’s such a bummer to get a weapon you want but with no anointment at all.


Let’s hope the team already working on something like this. I don’t follow Gearbox social media and I find it kinda cringey and I just don’t wanna go there but I hope some feedback is taken or they lurking and working on loot/annointed issue

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